Good Kinda Tired.

Ok. After my whining post, I felt better. I got it out of my system. Then I did actually get some cuddles, surprisingly. And, maybe a tad bit more. Ended up going to bed in a pretty good mood.

When I logged on tonight I fucked around doing nothing for a bit, then shit got busy. Hired 4 times in a row. lol. By the time I was done, I was feeling pretty exhausted, but accomplished. You never know when shit is going to get busy. Two of them were even threesomes, which turned out to be pretty fun.

After that I got to relax a bit and watch some “Adult Legos” which is always nice. I dunno. It’s something I always kind of look forward to. It really is amazingly relaxing, and hey, the company isn’t terrible either.

Now I’m not sure what I wanna do with myself. I can’t decide if I wanna go to bed “early”. Well, early for me. Or fuck around for a bit longer. There’s a DJ playing so I’m listening to that a bit and idling around in my bedroom on the sim. Not a terrible way to round out my night.


Spread thin.

I just feel so exhausted today. I don’t know. Yesterday was non-fucking-stop asshattery. I had at least 3 random people call me a cunt. Multiple problems to address in the club. People coming in and being diiiiiiicks and then being treated like diiiiiicks in return. And just…. I feel burnt out on people now. I don’t know what I want to do to make myself feel better either. I don’t even know what I need right now.

I just feel…. tired. Like I need a few hours without having to THINK about anything or answer questions or take care of problems or plan anything or organize anything or pay for anything. Just… 2 or 3 hours of fucking peace maybe.

Preferably with Daddy too of course. I don’t think he can do “nothing” for any length of time though. lol. Which is fine. -I- just want to do nothing for a bit. And preferably be talking to him while doing it.

Or just… something.

I’m just so tired right now.

Ya know…Shit is good.


Seriously though. Shit has been good lately for the most part. Babygirls Escorts is doing quite well over all. We’ve been hiring more girls and getting more people in. Not as many as DJ would like of course, but he’s a guy and impatient. lol. We’re actually doing quite well for a new, non-freelance club. Plus, Ell and I have standards. We’re willing to give girls a chance as long as they’re willing to put in the effort, but sometimes we meet girls that are just…hopeless. It’s rare, but it does happen.

DJ and I partnered on February 23rd. And it was a stressful experience. lol. Mostly because of other people but hey, that was expected and I knew what I would be getting into by getting with him. But really. I’m a grown woman and can make my own choices. Also, people generally shouldn’t make assumptions. lol. I’m not the kind of person that hides shit from people I care about. DJ and I are quite open with one another and I don’t think people realize quite how much he and I talk on a daily basis. lol. So even though there are rough patches coming from outside forces, things within the bubble of “US” are perfectly wonderful. Between him, Ell and Babygirls…well. I haven’t been this happy in SL in quite a while. Everyday is something new and entertaining and I have two people to share it all with that I can genuinely be myself with. Plus, he’s hot. So. What more could a girl ask for than a hot guy, that knows all about her AND still wants to be with her? I hit the fuckin’ motherlode. xD

And on that subject, I also expect some people to assume I’m with him for his money. It’s bound to come up. And sure, when I met him I’ll admit it crossed my mind that it’s nice to be friends with someone with money. But him having money isn’t HIM. It isn’t who or what he is, it’s just something that he has. If that makes sense. It’s FUN being able to go buy random shit together and have three sims to run around like morons on. But I don’t ask him for things. I make my own money, pay my own tier [unless he sneaks over and does it for me without me knowing], and I buy my own clothes. And I told him that if he suddenly didn’t have his sims, he could live in my treehouse. lol. Granted he has more funds he can put towards the club, but we figured it out the other day and in the long run, the amount of money he’s given me and I’ve given him has broken even for the most part. I toss him part of the money I earn to help with tier or fishing or whatever. I tip all the girls on a fairly regular basis. And I buy things for the club. This is a partnership in all meanings of the word. And to add a bit of RL in there… last month there were some financial problems at home. And I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make rent on time. When he finally managed to get me to tell him what was on my mind, he pretty much had to sit me in a corner and tell me if I needed help I needed to ask him. And he’d be mad if I didn’t. We finally compromised and I said if I tried EVERYTHING else to make rent and I still couldn’t, I would ask him. I ended up just fine, but it was nice knowing that if I needed the help, he was there. But it was also nice knowing that he knew I wouldn’t ask him unless I had no other options.

And you know what…. he makes me smile till my face hurts. He makes me laugh until I cry. He makes me melt when I least expect it. He listens to me when I get frustrated or annoyed or just tired. If I tell him how I feel and if something is bothering me, he does his best to fix it or at least improve the situation. If he says or does something that I want to talk to him about, he will drop things and talk to me about them. He supports my passions and my insanity. He puts up with Ell! And I know that even if sometimes things are hard for me to say, or I feel shy or scared… that when I DO finally manage to get the words out he won’t judge me, or question the validity of my emotions. He is a Daddy Dom completely. And MY Daddy more importantly. I try not to get too mushy or lovey in world because of…reasons. But this is my blog and I’m going to write. I know there are dozens of people that think they know him, or know him better than me. And I know if any were to read this they’d scoff at the idea that I’m at all different or more special or anything else than anyone. And that’s fine. Like I told him, I don’t give a shit what other people tell me he is. Because his actions and words speak louder to me than the words of of other people that I know from varying degrees of “not at all” to “we’ve chatted and fucked”. And his actions have all been spot on to his words with me. If I’m wrong? Then I can accept that. But why would I give up on this possible amazing person in my life based on what others have said? Sigh. People.

Anyways. Yes. Happy! Happy to have him in my life, my partner box, and everything else he can get into as well.

The Arcade starts today and I want it all.

Whore Couture starts today. And I want most of it. FaMeshed starts today and I probably want at least half of it….*laughs* So I should try to get some sleep soon so I can be ready to fight lag, and hopefully get up around the same time as DJ.