N • 11 → Uber Neon


I did NOT think I was going to make it into Uber so soon! Usually I end up waiting a week before trying to get in, since it’s always so full. Plus I lag the fuck out when events first open because my computer is ancient. But, with a little luck and a LOT of derendering, I managed to get in AND pick up all the things I wanted! This round is so BRIGHT and just makes me feel both like a kid (since I was born into one of the ages of Neon and came from the CITY OF NEON) and like summertime is right around the corner.

→ W H A T • I M • W E A R I N G ←

Shape // My Own

Body // Maitreya

Head // The Sugar Garden – MiMi

Eyes // Ikon

Hands & Feet // Slink

Hair // Truth – Sukie – NEW @ Uber

Top // Eaters Coma – Crop Cami w/ Sunglasses – NEW @ Uber

Panties // No Cabide – Lace Lingerie Black

Shoes // Babygirls – MaryJanes – Purple

Table // Aria – NEW @ Uber

Candles // Aria – NEW @ Uber

Rug // Floorplan – Faux Fur

Pose // Ploom – PYT

Location // Babygirls Store


N • 1o → Lamb MiMi

Lamb MiMi

This isn’t a fancy outfit, or even one with many components, but it’s just adorable. It looks like something I want to wear in RL! I’m a sucker for super soft dresses. Plus, I was super lucky I got into N21 last night. lol. I had to relog and when I got on I decided fuck it, I’d try to get in. I’d failed to earlier. And on my first try, BOOM! N21. I wasn’t expecting to make it in there for a couple more days at least. Of course, now the problem is I didn’t get the Fatpack of this dress, and I want to go back and get a few more of the colors. lol. Oh well. I’ll try again later. 😉

→ W H A T • I M • W E A R I N G ←

Shape // My Own

Body // Maitreya [ btw, if you wear Maitreya, there were several updates for it this week! Make sure you got yours. ]

Head // The Sugar Garden – MiMi

Eyes // Ikon

Hands & Feet // Slink

Hair // Lamb – Haze –  NEW @ N21 [ EXCLUSIVE color, only for N21 and only L$50! ]

Dress // Tres Blah – Chambray Frock @ N21

Shoes // Babygirls – Glittertastic Pumps – COMING SOON @ Babygirls 

Location // Daddy Dom & Babygirl Resort 

Got some catching up to do.


Been a while since I updated! I even completely missed the Monday Meme so now it’s the…not…Monday Meme. Anyways. It’s a short one anyways, so might as well do it before I get into the other things that have been going on this week! The theme this week was Double Threat!

Two online screen names you’ve had:

I don’t really want to share any of my really old ones. lmao. But as far as SL goes, there’s my current name of Slut Fallen, and my original account which hasn’t even been logged into in ages, Lilysyn Gloom.

Two video games you have played:

Count all 3 Diablos as one I guess. lol. I also spent some time playing the free MMO ASDA with some friends of mine years ago. It’s nothing fancy, but I had a BLAST playing with them so it stands out in my memory.

Two things you love about SL:

Being able to SHOP and dress up as anything I might feel like. And being able to meet people from around the world that I would never have known otherwise.

Two things you’ve done in SecondLife:

Well, currently managing/co-owning/whatever Babygirls, which is by far one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done. And well, I’m an escort so…. once I got paid to have swords thrown at me. That was interesting.

Two things you still want to do in SL:

I’d like to get better at creating things. Maybe try building some more. Annnnd….. I dunno… Maybe give DJing another try one of these days. Though I wasn’t super good at it. lol.

Two things you like about your SecondLife Avatar:

This changes all the time. lol. Currently I am in love with the way my Lara Hurley skin looks on my TMP face, even after I spent months saying I would never use a mesh head. Annnnd I fucking adore having my Maitreya body.

Two of your SecondLife pet peeves:

This one came up a couple times this week. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but people I DON’T EVEN KNOW asking about my money/DJ’s money/club finances. And I just feel like someone asking someone else about their money is incredibly rude. Also, I hate when I get alpha glitching errors on my mesh body and my tattoo/underwear layer does that disappearing act thing.

Two things you did as a noob that you’re embarrassed about:

I spent my first couple days wearing shoes without the shoe base because I didn’t know I needed to wear that too. Also I remember having to ask someone how to fly up and down because I couldn’t figure it out.

Two of your closest friends in SL:

Ell and DJ. Hands down.

Two of your most beloved things in your inventory:

I don’t think I could pick specific things. Just pictures and NCs of hilarious things that we’ve done in general.

Ok, this entry is already longer than I thought it was going to be, so just a quick overview of the other things that have happened recently. lol.

DJ decided he was going to start making shoes. And he’s been getting better with every shoe line he does. I’ve been enjoying doing the vendor pics for it, and of course testing out the shoes for him! Ell and I told him we fully support this shoe store idea of his. lol. But really, he is definitely getting better. And like I said in my last entry about him, I enjoy watching him get excited about making new things and trying out stuff. He’s always happier when he has some sort of project to work on, and I’m always willing to go along with whatever wackiness he comes up with in that respect. Me getting some awesome shoes out of it is just a bonus. xD


Today started out pretty good but got kinda….bleh. Woke up this morning and Daddy has gotten the GORGEOUS main store build that I’d fallen in love with forever ago. We’re working on making shoes and tattoos and things. He’s already made a few pairs that have turned out really nice, and my tattoos are always a sort of work in progress sort of thing. lol.

Then he had to go afk for a while and when he was gone some shit hit the fan. Some stuff that I knew was bound to happen sooner or later to be honest. I’m kind of surprised it took this long. lol. And while I don’t really blame anyone because I TOTALLY know where it was coming from, it completely stressed him out. Which of course made me feel bad. And immediately sent me into recovery mode to try and set things right. Which I think I can maybe do. Maybe. I just need to mediate a few things and get a sort of truce called. And in the process ignore how FUCKING FRUSTRATED the situation makes me because it’s better in the long run. Like… even though parts of it piss me the everliving FUCK OFF, ya gotta look at the bigger picture. If that sort of makes sense.

But after that happened he didn’t feel like getting back on. So he probably ended up falling asleep since he stayed up pretty much all day and night up to that point. And now it’s midnight my time, 1am his time, and he’s not been on in like, 6 hours. And I miss him and it fucking sucks because IF he gets up and gets on before I go to bed, we’ll just get a couple hours together. And that means by the time I get up tomorrow he’ll probably be ready to pass out again.

And that just…makes me sad. I’m used to talking to him pretty much constantly all day and not hearing his voice in 6+ hours, and maybe not at all again tonight just…. fucking sucks. And I’m super over emotional the last couple days. Which I know so I can mostly keep mah shit together because I realize I’m all like, emotional and crap. But yeah. I’m….sad.


In good news, we’ve hired a few new girls today and were asked to Beta test a product for Alica Stella Designs, which is pretty awesome. The store is coming along slowly. But I’m really excited about having another project to work on with him. He’s always cute as shit when he gets excited about doing something new.

SBBG Mint Ice Cream Pumps 2