Voice & DJs


Out of curiosity, how do you feel about people using voice when there’s an event with a DJ?

Most of the time I leave it up to the DJ. I know some prefer voice be off and some don’t care. My personal preference is to have voice off, especially if it’s a scheduled DJ set. If it’s something informal and a DJ just felt like streaming for the hell of it, then I don’t mind voice on. But if it’s a THEMED and scheduled event, I’ve got the stream on and I’m listening to the DJ. Not to you banter with your buddies.

But then, maybe that’s just a personal preference.



Back Again?


So, hey. It’s been what, close to a year since I wrote? I know, I know. That’s not unusual. I tend to take breaks now and then. But I realized recently that I miss writing. I miss just babbling about nonsense and posting pics and the occasional OOTD. So. Here I am!

2017. Babygirls just recently celebrated our 2nd Anniversary. The club is still going strong, and is better than ever. It’s self sufficient, and then some. We average between 80 and 110 employees, though over the summer at one point we had 130! We have some great ideas we’re going to implement moving forward, and I’m really excited for them. I think it will only improve things ever more!

DJ is…well and completely gone. He contacted me once in the last 6 months or so on Twitter telling me he’s working on his site again and asking if we can do some cross promoting/advertising, but I never heard from him again. Probably for the best since he’s not exactly what I’d call reliable. *shrugs*

We have a Fetish/BDSM party coming up this Friday, which is what the above pic is for, and I hope it goes well. We do themed events every Friday now, with DJ Emi on from 7pm-9pm SLT. And sometimes they’re packed. We’ve had to rez out more tipjars for all the girls!

I’m going to try to update the look of this blog this week too cuz…damn. Its not cute. lol.

N • 11 → Uber Neon


I did NOT think I was going to make it into Uber so soon! Usually I end up waiting a week before trying to get in, since it’s always so full. Plus I lag the fuck out when events first open because my computer is ancient. But, with a little luck and a LOT of derendering, I managed to get in AND pick up all the things I wanted! This round is so BRIGHT and just makes me feel both like a kid (since I was born into one of the ages of Neon and came from the CITY OF NEON) and like summertime is right around the corner.

→ W H A T • I M • W E A R I N G ←

Shape // My Own

Body // Maitreya

Head // The Sugar Garden – MiMi

Eyes // Ikon

Hands & Feet // Slink

Hair // Truth – Sukie – NEW @ Uber

Top // Eaters Coma – Crop Cami w/ Sunglasses – NEW @ Uber

Panties // No Cabide – Lace Lingerie Black

Shoes // Babygirls – MaryJanes – Purple

Table // Aria – NEW @ Uber

Candles // Aria – NEW @ Uber

Rug // Floorplan – Faux Fur

Pose // Ploom – PYT

Location // Babygirls Store

BGE’s First Erotic Storytime


We had our first of a bi-weekly Erotic Storyime event tonight. I wish I had thought to take a picture during the first story rather than the last one, because we actually had quite a decent turn out, especially for it being our first! We were missing a few of the girls that had planned to read, so I ended up filling in and reading a story. And guh, I am stupid shy on voice.

For real, for being such a massive slut, I am stupid shy. Voicing can be hard for me when I need to say things. lol. When I get hired it…depends. Like, guys that want something I’m not into, it’s easier for me. But I get SUPER SHY when it’s a Dominant man, especially if it’s for a Daddy type scenario. And reading erotica in front of people had me SO FLUSTERED. I felt all hot from blushing and it was ridiculous. But still, it went well and it seemed like everyone there really enjoyed it.

Oh God, and the shy thing… I still even get shy with DJ with certain things. But… with him I sort of LIKE being shy sometimes too. It’s hard to explain. But I like the bit of coaxing and… yeah. I shouldn’t think about it too much right now. lmao. But I’m certainly a strange hybrid of slutty as fuck and shy as fuck. xD

Over all, the club has been doing really well lately. We’ve had a higher caliber of girls coming in to apply and much fewer dead periods. Today was a tad slow, but I’m going to blame Daylight Savings. People probably tired from losing an hour of sleep. lol

Speaking of, I should TRY to go to bed at a decent time tonight. Or, at least before 4am for once.