*rolls around*


Ugh, I haven’t written in FOREVER. I know. I keep meaning to but then I get easily distracted. Shiny things and all that.

First off, even though this is potentially dangerous cuz well…. there are plenty of people that don’t like me…. Strawberry Singh’s first Monday Meme of the summer is  “Ask Me”. And I’m going to follow her footsteps and make my own Ask.me account, where people can anonymously ask me things. Yikes. Here you go. Have at it.

Let’s see. Things and stuff.

Been remodeling the club and the sim quite a bit. Summer is always a bit slow so it seemed like a good opportunity to try and make some improvements. We moved the DDbg Resort to the same sim, but up in the air. A lot easier to maintain one sim instead of two, and there wasn’t really a NEED for two. So now they’re all set up on the same sim, with the club in one corner and DDbg in the other. Working on setting up a shopping area and probably some skybox rentals in the near future. Things have been going pretty good over all. We’ve got a few FANTASTIC girls really. And I’m so happy and get a bit proud momma bear when I see them chatting with each other, helping one another and just being a TEAM in general. I wanted all the girls to know they had friends and help available with Babygirls and we’re not all out to get one another. I don’t expect everyone to LIKE everyone else. That would just be impossible. But overall, drama is kept to an extreme minimum and I try to deal with it as soon as any crops up.

Things with Daddy are also good. Sometimes he’s too busy to be around much, but he still makes sure to at least take time out to say good morning and good night to me when he isn’t able to log on. Yesterday he was getting ready to go to bed but I was frustrated with some other stuff going on. And he ended up staying up longer just to goof around and make me laugh. And that meant a lot to me. We’ve been partnered now for just over 4 months. Sometimes I still can’t believe it, or how lucky I am to have him in my life. And I’m thankful for him every day.

Of course there are always going to be other things in SL that irk me. That goes without saying. There’s one person who I swear, every word she says, every little thing she does just makes me go UGHHHH. Even if it’s completely harmless. Just because the shit she does/says in general just BUGS THE EVER LOVING FUCK OUT OF ME. If I ever want to feel a complete feeling of rage wash over me for some reason, just looking at anything she does can make that happen. INSTANTLY. Buuuttt, even her nonsense isn’t that big a deal. I mostly can just avoid her and her self centered bullshit.

All things considered, I really can’t complain. I have the club I love. Girls I can trust and have fun with. Daddy who is just…. always one of the best parts of my day.

So. YAY! lol.

I think that’s about enough for now. If you want to ask me random nonsense, and I fully expect some asshole questions, feel free to CLICK THE LINK and go for it. If I get a few questions I’ll do another post with them as well.


Dream Cuddles

Dream Cuddle

I am so tired, but it’s been a few days since I wrote anything so wanted to make a quick appearance before passing out.

Things have been pretty decent the last couple days. Have hired some lovely new girls at the club who put in time and effort and are great to be around. Been keeping a closer eye on who does their hours and who doesn’t, and it seems to be making a difference. I was trying to be lenient but when I did that, too many girls would just completely fuck off. And shit, most clubs require far more hours that we do. Babygirls only asks for 2 hours a week. And honestly, if you can’t give 2 hours a week to a club, you probably shouldn’t be applying. Stick to freelancing. RL always comes first, but if I see you online 5 hours a day, 6 days a week and you can’t come in for more than 15 minutes, or at least give me and IM and let me know you have other shit going on…. then I don’t even know what to say to you. Come on.

Anyways. I am a little bit curious about one girl’s application. I’d heard so much drama from some girls that left another club months back. I don’t discount people because of rumors [hell, there are plenty of rumors about me] or shit other people say that I haven’t seen any proof of, but I do listen and I will keep an eye out for certain things, just in case. Anyways. This girl is someone I’ve seen around before and I’ve never had any problems with. Her app is good and she seems plenty nice. I just can’t help but wonder why she left the other club she was working. Shit, even if I don’t automatically believe rumors and gossip, I still get CURIOUS. I’m only human after all!

Still been putting a lot of work into revamping the club and the sim. Summer always get a bit slow so I want to take this time to make improvements. I’m also tossing around the idea of a summer class schedule. Optional, of course, but with various topics related to dancing, escorting, emoting, or even just SL in general. Anything some of the girls might want some help with and then set up some low key gatherings where girls with experience can share info and just help each other out in general. I think some of the girls would be interested and really benefit from it.

Today was pretty nice as a whole too. Got to spend some time with Daddy, which is always good. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy together because he had somehow never seen it before. And that was fun. I could watch that movie a dozen times. And I always love any time I get to spend with him.

But yes. Bed needs to happen. 5am and I like at least GETTING into my bed before the sun comes up. xD

Need to get back in the habit of writing

Pastel Elf Lily

I need to get back into the habit of writing! So I’m going to try to at least update every other day. Even if sometimes I don’t have anything overly interesting to say. So get ready for that. You’ve been warned!

Today wasn’t too bad. Daddy was able to be on a lot so we got the majority of the day together today. We put some more work into the revamping of the sim and creating the new Daddy Dom and babygirl Resort area. The entire sim is getting a makeover and I’m really excited for how it’s coming along so far. Still have a ton of work to do, but it’s fine and I think it will have an over all positive affect on the club and the resort.

Indulgence is still going on. I’ll need to blog some of the amazing clothes, furniture and accessories from that fair. There’s some great stuff there and I’ve got a ton of new things that I absolutely love.

We’re definitely in the full time Summer Slump now I think. Clients are a bit fewer and farther between. Summer ALWAYS get so slow for me. Though it does for the majority of the escorts and dancers I know. I guess kids are out of school so less privacy and people actually going OUTSIDE to do stuff. Pfft. Outside.

Over all though? Fairly decent day. Got hired by one of my regulars and then hit up a couple Arcade yard sales. There’s no way I can get into the Arcade yet. I’d crash in no time. lol. I did make a list of things I want though, and eventually it will have stuff to trade once either Daddy or I actually get INTO the Arcade. I’m going to send him most likely. One because his computer can handle it better than mine can AND because he has famously awesome gacha luck, especially if it’s something he’s getting for me. xD

Alright. That’s… that’s all I’ve got for now. It’s 4am and I would like to get up at a decent time tomorrow in case he’s able to be around as much as he was today.

OH. And here, on the off chance, Click HERE for my Arcade want/have list for June 2015.

Haaaaaay there.

I’m tired as shit but I’m sitting here waiting to hear back from a girl that asked to have an interview done, so I figured I’d give a brief little update since my most recent posts were just outfits.

Things have been slowly getting back to normal. Even though Daddy still can’t be on as much as he used to, he still at least gets on and I get a little time with him every evening. Tonight was a good night. He was in a much better mood and things are kind of falling into place. I can’t even explain how much I love his voice and just BEING with him, and how happy I am when things are going well for him. Today felt a little bit like things were finally settling down and it was just…such a RELIEF.

I can’t help that sometimes I get a little paranoid. I really try not to but sometimes your own self doubt or fears or whatever can get ahold of you. I don’t know. I still miss him a lot since he isn’t around as much as I had gotten used to, but it makes my whole day brighter when I do get to spend time with him.

It might sound silly…

But it’s been a stressful couple of days and I feel so GOOD right now. Just from spending the evening talking with Daddy. Laughing and being stupid and now he’s fallen asleep. lol. And…. I dunno. Just listening to him sleep is making me smile because it’s….comforting in a way. Maybe that sounds creepy? I don’t know. lol. But it’s sort of peaceful. And it makes me feel a little bit closer to him for the moment.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday was Daddy’s birthday so we had a little mini party for him. Nothing super fancy. We set up a Star Wars themed skybox for the party and had girls coming in to wish him a happy birthday. AND we had more shoes sell which definitely made him happy. All in all, it was a good time. xD I wanted to write a big long mushy post for him but its 1am and my tummy hurts, so I think that’s gonna have to wait. Here’s some pics from the party though!


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Movie night!


Tonight was much needed I think. ♥ We’ve been so busy lately with club stuff and setting up the shoe store and just maintaining two sims in general that sometimes we don’t really take time out to just BE.

Yesterday we have a gun/explosion battle for the first time in a while and I laughed so hard it hurt.

Then tonight after we spent some time on a gaming sim and Ell and I did some shopping, we got together in my skybox to watch a movie. And like Daddy said, technology is awesome. Three people in three different places in the world, watching a movie together. 😀 It was nice just to be able to virtually cuddle with him and relax. We watched American Sniper because he’d been wanting to see it, and so had I. And ya know, I really enjoyed it. Not just because it was a good movie, but because the three of us watched it together. It was…relaxing. Even though that is DEFINITELY not a “relaxing” movie. lol. It was still enjoyable. Plus I got to use the super comfy looking recliner that I bought at FaMeshed yesterday. xD

We definitely need to have more movie nights in the future as well. I love working on things with him but it’s nice to just BE sometimes too. Though I start getting restless after a while if I don’t have anything to work on. I was actually at a bit of a loss the other night because I didn’t have enough new shoes to take pictures of, and I’d already finished the marketplace listings. lol. But he reminded me I wanted to redo the private skyboxes and set those up, so next time my hands start to get restless and I need to WORK on something, I can get those going. Woooo. I like having things to work on.