Can we just boycott Tramps?

Seriously. I rarely ever call a place out by name, but I’m going to write about my experience, and my review and opinions of a place, and just let it go.

Tramps is a freelance club. When it first opened it seemed like a nice idea. There weren’t that many successful places to freelance. I dropped by a few times, rented some boards and got verified as a female by the owner. I never really spent a lot of time there, so I can’t really comment on what it’s actually like for visitors. I would usually come in for a few minutes, or just rent my adboards and leave.

At some point the owner started sending out reminders about adboards. At first I thought they were sent when your board was about to expire. So I went and paid my boards and realized I had plenty of time left. Then I started talking to other people that said they got “reminders” all the time. Or, some people who had never rented boards were getting IMs informing them of the boards available. So after I got another “reminder” I asked the owner to please stop sending them to me. They said they would remove me from the list, but also that they didn’t understand what the problem was. I said I didn’t want to be spammed with messages about boards. They argued that is was NOT spam, but still agreed to remove me from the list.

I received at least 2 more IMs about boards before finally, FINALLY, they stopped.

Then at some point in the last few months, the MASS FUCKING TELEPORTS STARTED. Everyone was getting them. People that rent boards, people that don’t. People that work for me, people in our VIP group. Everyone I know was complaining about them. There’s usually at least one a day, if not more. And you mute the account sending them [and the account is usually a few days to a few weeks old] and get a couple weeks of peace, maybe. Then a NEW one starts and you have to mute them too. No joke, I’ve muted at least 10 separate accounts by now that keep sending mass TPs to Tramps.

When I told the owner they were seriously getting annoying, they said they’d take me off the list. Where have I heard that before? So I told them that hey, if they keep it up, sooner or later they might get banned because so many people will be complaining. To which they replied, “IS THAT A THREAT?”.

No. It’s not. It’s just fact. I let them know that if I did receive another mass TP, I WOULD be reporting it, and any subsequent one I may get. I also said I would stop renting boards and doing business with them.

I wish everyone would just stop going there, and stop renting their adboards.



You ever have something that only irritates you a little bit when it happens, but when you think back on it hours later, you get pissed? That’s what’s been happening to me. I’ve just been stewing on a few subjects and it’s just been building to where I just can’t freakin’ stand that sight of someone’s name anymore.

And all the fucking excuses in the world have been used up. At one point does someone say “I am physically, emotionally and mentally unable to do this. So instead of half assing it and then asking other people to help, I’m just going to step down and NOT do it?” That would make too much sense though, right? If there are underlying problems that make it so you really, really CANNOT do something, then don’t accept the responsibilities for it.

I dunno. I’ve just been keeping really busy lately. DJ is busy in RL, and today isn’t feeling well, so the club has been up to me and Ell for the last few days. Combine with taking the pictures of the shoes and listing them on the market, hiring girls, maintaining things and doing my own escorting, I’ve had zero downtime lately. And… I miss him. A lot.

I know he’s got a lot of things going on lately so I’m trying really hard to keep things covered for him and be supportive and help as much as I can, but….I miss him. And through zero fault of his own because of all the external forces going on I feel sort of…neglected? That’s not really the right word. I know it’s not intentional. Or at least, I would hope it isn’t. But it’s definitely felt like all work and no play lately. I’m hoping once things get settled down for him that it can at least get a little bit back to normal. It might take a while, but I’m ok with that as long as I know that he still WANTS it to be back that way. I dunno.

I think I’ve just been stressed and missing him and with the little bit of down time I have to think, my brain will always go to the worst case scenario. That’s normal for me because it’s like I’m….. mentally preparing myself in the back of my mind so that if the worst case actually DOES happen, I’ll have a little bit of a resistance built up to it. That probably sounds crazy, but that’s about where I am right now.

Thankfully even though the club keeps me busy, it’s something I really love doing. It’s a place I love to be and the girls are wonderful. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. xD

EDIT: Many hours later….even though he’s sick and sounds so tired, just talking to him for even 30 minutes is enough to make me smile and make me feel better about everything.

Beez In The Trap

This surprisingly sums out how I’m feeling tonight pretty well.

Bitches ain’t shit, and they ain’t sayin’ nuthin’
A hundred muthafuckas can’t tell me nuthin’
I beez in the trap, bee, beez in the trap
I beez in the trap, bee, beez in the trap

Damn, damn what they say about me?
I don’t know man, fuck is on your biscuit?
If I get hits, swinging on a big bitch
I don’t know man, I’m shittin’ on your whole life