If you haven’t heard, the theme for January’s Collabor88 is UNICORNS.
HNNNNG. @.@ I freakin’ love unicorns. I always have. I was one of those kids. You know those kids. The ones with unicorn stuff all over their room. Yeah, that was me. It still is, kinda, except now I have fewer unicorn items in RL and the ones I do have are nicely displayed on a shelf.
In SecondLife however…. I went into a unicorn buying FRENZY this morning. I spent L$6,000 at Collabor88. And I’ll likely go back for a few more of the items in different colors before the month is through.
Lu, if you’re reading this, I could sure use L$6,000 right about now! xD lol Hell, anyone that’s reading this, I could use 6k right about now! 
But seriously, unicorns are worth it. There will be plenty of pictures of me in some of my new items later on, but right now I’m dancing my pink covered, unicorn lovin’ ass off at Escort Oasis in hopes of at least recouping a third of today’s spending. Wish me luck!


Rarrrrgh. D:

I know my layout is still sort of screwed up, but I’m a little too annoyed to delve into the process of figuring out why yet. >.<  I have no idea why the date area just says undefined. *sigh* But I'll figure it out eventually! lol. It's probably something stupid.

Annnyways, I wanna rant. Which is nothing new right? I do that all the time here. It’s one of the main reasons I have this here. lol. Sometimes there’s shit about secondlife that annoys the fuck out of me and I don’t really want to put it all over Facebook, and anyone who DOESN’T play SL wouldn’t understand any of it anyways.

So. I’ve been working in a club in SL for a few months now. It’s been fine. I’ve gotten tipped, met a few people and been hired from it a few times. There’s some girls there that I don’t care for, but that’s what happens when women work together. Our personalities just don’t mesh so I don’t really enjoy being around them. No problem. I generally just don’t work when they’re there. It’s pretty easy to avoid people. lol.

Now one of the reasons I came to this club to work is SPECIFICALLY because in the rules it says, and I quote:

★Voice is preferred and allowed here HOWEVER it is NOT required.

Awesome! I can voice sometimes and the times I can’t or aren’t in the mood to, I don’t have to! Right?


I THOUGHT I was right since I’ve been working there for months now. I’ve been in there with and without voice. I’ve had the owners and general manager and other managers in there with me while I was NOT on voice. No one ever said a word. Then today one of them IMs me and says I HAVE to be able to hear voice while working.


REALLY?!? Monnnths later and now you’re telling me I have to hear voice? Months after I’ve been working there and making tips and getting hired and giving you a cut. Months after I’ve been renting a room on your sim because I thought it was a cute idea. Months after, between paying that rent, their cut and my adboard, I’ve given you thousssandsss of Linden, you decide I have to have voice on. FOR FUCK’S SAKE. COME ON.

I get that a lot of people love voice in SL. I know that. But I also know that there are plenty that don’t. I want to be able to voice when I feel like it, but not be required to do it when I don’t. Honestly, 90% of my clients are text only. I’ve had 5 figure days of earning with just text. Multiple times. My emotes are generally well liked. Hell, I know several guys who prefer to not ever use voice because they say it takes them out of the fantasy.

SO if you’re going to REQUIRE voice to be on, maybe you shouldn’t have in your rules that VOICE IS NOT REQUIRED. DOES THAT MAKE FUCKING SENSE TO YOU?

I’m contemplating quitting the club. I dunno. I can go in sometimes with voice when it’s empty I guess. Because last time I had my voice on in there I heard two managers, a girl and a client talking about the most retarded shit. Dog fucking and gay husbands and how they’re practically virgins anyways and just… lots of crude, vulgar things that generally probably shouldn’t be on the club floor. You obviously know I don’t have a problem with crude, vulgar things but a lot of potential clients DO. So unless your club is catering towards those themes, the club floor should be more subdued and seductive than crass and vulgar.


I’ll probably end up quitting.

It’s about that time.

Time to find work in a club again. Freelancing gets really boring and lonely sometimes. And with Ell taking a break from SL for an indefinite amount of time, I don’t really hang out with anyone anymore. Standing around at Freelance sims doesn’t generally inspire any sort of interesting conversations.

So been looking around at the adult clubs that are open right now and applying to a few. We’ll see when anyone of them get back to me.

Urf, still here!

Sorry I’ve been away from here for so long. >.< RL has been a bit stressful. My RL BF applied for a promotion and he got it, which is great news, BUT it's in another state. So we've been trying to figure out paying for the relocation, and trying to work with the relocation assistance his company says they'll provide, along with looking for a place to live and just…. sometimes I'm just too stressed out trying to prepare for this move to actual sit down and WRITE anything. But, things are slowly coming together and we should be headed out to Dallas-Fort Worth by mid-October.

Because I’m not sure when we’ll get the internet hooked up then I’ve also been trying to bust my butt earning tier money to pay for my home and my lounge weeks in advance so I won’t have to worry about them going away if I’m without internet for a week or so. We’ll see how that goes. >.<

But while I was standing at Redlight earlier I did see this….interesting girl laying in the street. She’s still there and sort of wiggling her butt back and forth a bit. I’m not entirely sure what she’s doing. It looks like she’s not sure how to complete a pushup so she’s just….wiggling instead. I…I don’t know.

Take Me Away

Sometimes SL can be a lonely place. I’m not that good at making friends. I dunno why. Well, part of it is my name obviously attracts people that just wanna fuck a lot. But past that. I’m kinda weird. I don’t ever feel comfortable IMing someone first until I’ve known them for a while or we have gotten comfortable with each other. I work a lot and sometimes hanging out means being at the club with me.

But sometimes dancing/escorting/managing get overwhelming and I just want someone to explore with. Play a game of greedy with. Cuddle. Go shopping. Be silly and run around tormenting people.

Ell is usually busy on her RP sim so I don’t see her often. We IM constantly of course but we don’t get much avatar face time. I spend a lot of time standing around my skybox or in the club alone or taking pictures.

I definitely don’t meet a lot of men I feel connections with either. Hercule was ok at first, ages ago. He spoiled me and we spent time together on his sim but then he got….weird. He spent most of his time building and I would get bored standing there watching him while he occasionally TP’d me to where he was terraforming and would sometimes tickle me. Then he blamed me for not entertaining him enough. Whatevs. His English was hard to understand more often than not and he was high……again, more often than not.

Of course I miss Lu and shopping and fucking and dancing with him. And of  course logging into presents from him. But I’ve already discussed that some in here.

Kovu has come back, again. On another new name. But I haven’t seen him online at all. Just got a couple offlines and a friend request. Plus, when he came back last time I just ended up getting hurt again when he decided that since I wasn’t on as much as I used to be before I had my RL BF that he’d write in his profile his “partner box didn’t really matter”. Still upset about that. I don’t partner people easily. In fact there’s been exactly two people in my 4+ years of SecondLife.

I dunno. I want more SL friends and I want a guy to be with in SL. Someone that makes me look forward to logging on and talking to them.


I should get some sleep. I have to get up early (for me anyways) to go to a manager’s meeting for the club. I dunno what to expect from that. Maybe some complaining that I’m not on during the day. But I’m a nightowl. That’s just how it is.

Lemme tell you about the worst club I’ve ever worked at.

Not gonna name any names, but if you know me there’s a decent chance you heard me complain about this place at some point.

I worked there sometime in the end of 2013. It had been open for a little while when I applied, but whenever I had gone to look at it, it had always been empty with one or two girls working. When I finally applied I did it because I had noticed the traffic had been consistently 20k+ in the Search. So I thought maybe they were having events or expanding their clientele. Plus I generally do prefer clubs where I am not required to be on voice whenever I am on stage, since I live with my RL BF and a room mate. Not that either of them mind me voicing. I just don’t like more or less ignoring my BF to voice in SL when he’s home.

Anyways, I applied and got hired. And I quickly figured out there were no events, and almost no clients. What there WAS were 15-25 bots at any given time. I don’t mind when a club has a couple bots, especially if they’re used for group invites or some other purpose, but 15-25 is nothing but a bot traffic farm.

I ignored it while I was there because, eh, the traffic helped random people come in and if I was working, more often than not, I got tipped. They didn’t all STAY, especially when there was a staff of 3-7 girls, depending on who had been randomly fired that day. But I made decent enough $L there. Enough that for the last month I was there I was the highest tipped girl on the board. Then the owner “cleared” the board and within a couple days I was at the top again. More on that later.

The girl I spent most of my time talking to there was randomly fired one day. Because the manager/co-owner thought that she was being disrespectful when really, she had just made a joke that the owners couldn’t understand. And they wouldn’t let anyone try to explain the situation or give their version of it either. Neither of them speak English all that well. It’s certainly not their first language and they have trouble with complex sentences or ideas. Not that I have anything against people who speak English as a second language, but it CAN be hard to communicate with them sometimes. So, that girl was fired on the spot.

Within a week or so I was ejected from the group. When I asked why I was told that because I was a “two-faced liar” that owned a “club”.

The “club” in question? A skybox that was, yes, in my picks. And yes, there was an online notification board in it, as well as a tip jar in case anyone TP’d in and wanted to check if I was online or leave a tip/tribute. There was no dance poles, or dance furniture. There was a couple couches and a greedy table. So, that was my “club”. Oh, and it also had a traffic of 15.

So when I told the owner that was a ridiculous reason to fire her highest tipped girl she said I was no longer the highest tipped because she had reset the board again. Like suddenly resetting the board meant that all the money that I had earned, along with the cut they took, just didn’t exist anymore. I laughed, told her to enjoy her 20 bot traffic and was immediately banned.

Fast forward a bit. Not a few weeks later and the club was no long showing in the top search results when I looked up “escorts”. So I searched for it specifically and it had moved land and dropped down to about 3k traffic. It stayed that way for a long time. Later as I was looking through the newly opened clubs, like I do sometimes when I’m bored, I found one I’d never heard of. Tried to TP over and…. I was banned. Looked into it a bit and it was the same club, but with a new name. It stayed that way for a while, and just within the last week or so it has gone BACK to the original name.

Well. I’m a nosy fucker. >.> So tonight I decide to get on an alt and see what it looks like now. Following are two pics I took. One shows the TWO rented adboards they have, [ names and faces of the girls blocked for their privacy ]. There were some bot names I recognized from my time there, as well as a few ones. Picture of my radar included, with names blocked out there as well. I tried to go up to the bots to get pics of them, but there’s a security orb in their bot box with them, so I wasn’t able to.

But, yeah, with all of 2 dancers/escorts, they clearly need those 13 bots to get the 20k+ traffic they currently have again.

Listen up bitches.

Going to a freelance escort place, or working in an escort club, and complaining in local about how hard it is to get hired, how slow it is, how long you’ve been waiting for a customer, etc. does NOT make you desirable.

In fact, it’s annoying. And it sounds desperate. Annnnd personally makes ME think “If no one has wanted your ass in the 9 hours you said you’ve been here, then why would anyone wanna change that for you now that you’re bitchin’ about it?”


I’ve stood around freelance sims for hours and not gotten hired. It happens to all of us. I get it. But bitching and moaning and whining in local is not cute.

Just shut it.

[19:55] Some Guy: Business has been very slow.
[19:55] Whining Bitch: yes very
[19:55] Whining Bitch: i ben here going on 9 hours
[19:57] Whining Bitch: hopefully someone finds me sexy enough for sexy time
[19:57] Whining Bitch: but mostly men come here with no cash
[19:58] Whining Bitch: why its slow
[19:58] Whining Bitch: 75% has no money
[19:59] Whining Bitch: 25% has cash to buy pussy
[19:59] Whining Bitch: thats why its so frustrating
[20:00] Whining Bitch: many girls dont get business im not only girl

Oh yeah bby. Complain in local some more. That gets alllll the dicks hard.