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I know. There’s a second entry. What is this?? Shhh. Just accept it and go buy the pretty things.


{•} Head → Catwa – Uma

{•} Body → Belleza – Freya


{•} Hair → Lamb – Lovesong

{•} Ears → Evermore. – Animated Neko Ears Black

{•} Eyes → S0ng – Toki – @December Kustom9

{•} Septum & Dimple Piercings → LittleFish

{•} Eye Liner → Attack Bun – Ombre Liner  – * COMING SOON @Elite *

{•} Skin → Attack Bun & Coyote* COMING SOON! *

{•} Dress → Anna Mae – Opal Dress – * NEW! *

{•} Shape → Mine. You can’t have it.

{•} Collar → Mine. You can’t have it.


{•} Backdrop → Symbolic – By Descendant Frakture – Tell him he needs a store.



{ ootd → .o1 }

Don’t count on this being a regular thing. I know, I know. I used to blog more and would occasionally post outfits, but hey. I get busy and I slack. But there’s some exciting, PRETTY things coming out soon that I can’t help but gush about. So here we are. A blog in 2018. Please, contain your excitement.


{•} Head → Catwa – Uma

{•} Body → Belleza – Freya


{•} Hair → Moon*NEW* @Collabor88

{•} Ears → Evermore. – Animated Neko Ears Black

{•} Eyes → S0ng – Toki – @December Kustom9

{•} Skin → Attack Bun & Coyote*COMING SOON!*

{•} Top → Eliavah – DooBoo Sweater – *COMING SOON! – January 10th @Seasons Story*

{•} Shorts → Empire – Jean Shorts

{•} Boots → Empire – Loosestrife – *NEW* @Collabor88

{•} Shape → Mine. You can’t have it.

{•} Collar → Mine. You can’t have it.


{•} Backdrop → Foxcity – Photo Booth – Choices

{•} Pose → Dokki Doki – Ecchi Girl – *NEW* @Etoile


Sometimes it’s so hard to wait for something you want. There are days when it’s easier and then there are ones when you just feel like it’s never going to happen. And then you just have to rely on faith I suppose. Doesn’t always make it easier, but if you know it’s worth it then there’s not much else you can do. Hopefully the time will be right soon and if it’s not….well. Than you wait some more.

[ enchanted ]

Decorating is one of my favorite things to do in SecondLife. It’s one of the ways I relax. I just toss on some music and see what I can come up. Sometimes projects get half ass-ed or never finished. Sometimes function has to override function. But sometimes I put together something that I really love. This is one of those times. I got to cuddle up in this gazebo with the Priest this morning and it was just… peaceful. And I just really love this picture, ok.

Voice & DJs


Out of curiosity, how do you feel about people using voice when there’s an event with a DJ?

Most of the time I leave it up to the DJ. I know some prefer voice be off and some don’t care. My personal preference is to have voice off, especially if it’s a scheduled DJ set. If it’s something informal and a DJ just felt like streaming for the hell of it, then I don’t mind voice on. But if it’s a THEMED and scheduled event, I’ve got the stream on and I’m listening to the DJ. Not to you banter with your buddies.

But then, maybe that’s just a personal preference.


She threw a fit.

Well today was a day.

We had a casual truth or dare event going on tonight. People seemed to be enjoying themselves and things were going well. Girls and guests were having a good time and tips were happening and it was nice. One of the newer hires came in and got on stage. She’d mainly only had freelancing experience before, but I’d felt like she could be good once she learned that things are a bit more structured in the club than they are at freelance sims. So then all of a sudden random people start coming in. Some were naked. Some looked like they were just… out of place. It turns on this girl had been using the SIN tracker to “kidnap” people and force TP them into the club. One of the girls that got kidnapped got angry and started endlessly spamming local, during our event, that we were misusing the SIN tracker hud. It took me a minute to figure out what was even going on. It was just suddenly we had this angry girl spamming local and random naked people wandering around. Thankfully two of the managers were on the floor too and we managed to wrangle all the trouble makers and get that sorted.

Then we turned our attention to the girl that had TPed them in. She logged out of her tipjar but was still standing around. One of the managers IMed her and told her that due to her conduct and disrupting the event and business in general, we wanted to put her on a trainee tag for a week so she could get acclimated to how the club was run. The girl ignored this completely. Wouldn’t acknowledge it. Claimed she only saw “blank space” where the message about it was typed. Then she just stopped replying at all. So, I estate TPed her home. And she lost her shit.

Came back into the club and spammed local and our VIP group about how terrible we were and how the managers and I all acted like we were better than everyone, etc. etc.

This is just par for the course in some ways. Every once in a while you get a girl that just causes trouble. But I think this one bothered me so much because I fought so hard to give her a chance because I felt like she could be good. Literally minutes before this I had been telling the managers that I was willing to give her another chance because I felt like she had potential and could be really good. Then she just… flipped her shit on us. The event had been going well and it was a fun time then just…. immediately the mood dropped, of course. Things are back on track now and we’re certainly not going to miss that ridiculousness, but ugh. That was an experience I could have gone without having tonight.

Writing is hard.

Fuck, I suck at writing. I have 2 or 3 “drafts” done up that I haven’t finished. Things that, at the time, were fairly important to me but now… Now I don’t know. It’s been a little while and I’m not sure really delving into it at this point would make any sort of positive difference. I still may finish them one of these days if something pushes the right [or, “write”…hahaha…ha?] buttons.

I do want to write more. I know I say that in every post I make, every 3-6 months. But I mean it. Writing helps me focus and clear my thoughts and it’s something else I can do when I just need to take a few moments to myself. Which I don’t really do often enough some days. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll start trying to do OoTD stuff too, just to push myself to DO something. Not that I want to be a fashion blogger and join that SL world. But I just want something else to do for myself.

Either way. Here’s your quarterly “I’m alive” post.