Then & Now

Lily Then and Now

This week’s Monday Meme from Strawberry Singh is about SL growth… Technically she used images from her first ever blog post, but I didn’t start really blogging much until I’d already been around for a bit. So, this is my first ever SL picture of myself, taken on my rezday in 2009. Compared to the most recent picture of myself that I did this previous week. Since I’d [badly] edited the first. I decided I’d use an edited one for the recent pic as well.

This definitely shows some avi progress as well as editing progress I think. lol. I don’t remember what I even used to edit the first pic. Nothing special, I’m sure. xD I think the difference between the two images is just ridiculous. Some of it is obviously due to advancements in SL as well. Obviously there’s no mesh in the first picture and in the Now pic…well There’s nothing that ISN’T mesh. lol.

When I first started using this account as my main I was in a place where I didn’t want to care about anyone again. I’d been hurt on my original account by someone that wasn’t just a part of my SL, but a part of my life as a whole. And at the time all my friends in world were “our” friends, or my clients. I took an extended break but when I started to miss SL, I decided I was just going to be a slut. Hence, Slut Fallen. I was just going to run around and fuck and get into trouble and not care about anyone, or anything. Oh how that changed. And I don’t regret it at all. I’d be lost without Ell and DJ now. They’re both so much more to me than just someone I met in SecondLife. So I guess along with my avatar, and my editing skills, my attitude towards SL as a whole. I mean, I always knew there could be more involved it it than just “SL is SL and RL is RL”. I’ve played enough games and been involved in enough online communities to know that anything and everything can become a part of your “RL”. And I’m grateful I DID change. Because both my SL and my RL are vastly better NOW than they were THEN.