Have you ever SecondLifed?

If you haven’t heard about Strawberry Singh’s Monday Memes…well, she does Memes on Mondays! *laughs*

I haven’t actually done one of her little blog entry ideas before, but this one looked fun, so I present Strawberry Singh’s – Have you ever SecondLifed? 

1.] Have you ever owned a Sim in SecondLife?
Uhm. No. Not REALLY. Like right now, I don’t own the Babygirls’ sim, but I have access to do anything with it and…well. Basically what DJ has, I have available. So. No I don’t OWN it but I…..something…it?

2.] Have you ever created content in SecondLife?
Yes! Nothing super fancy, but I make pictures and tattoos sometimes. I’ve made a few Slink nails, some gestures and a lounge build that is currently being used by Femboi Fantasies in world. 🙂

3.] Have you ever driven a vehicle in SecondLife?
YES! And crashed every single one of them. From cars, to TukTuks. Stealth Bombers and a go-karts and scooters and more. I’m actually better at flying then driving, but that isn’t really saying much of anything.

4.] Have you ever gone sky diving in Second Life? 
Yes! Once or twice with Ell and Matt. 

5.] Have you ever played a sport in Second Life?

6.] Have you ever gone clubbing in SecondLife?
I live in clubs. Pretty much literally. I mean, one of my skyboxes is on the Babygirls Escorts sim anyways. 

7.] Have you ever fangirled/fanboyed someone in Second Life? 
Uh, a little. I mean I’ve seen designers or bloggers out and about before and thought to myself “OMG THATS __________” but I’ve never actually managed to make myself say hi.

8.] Have you ever taken a picture of your avatar in water in SecondLife?

9.] Have you ever taken a picture of a sunset in SecondLife?

1o.] Have you ever taken a nude picture of yourself in SecondLife?
God, for a while there it would have been a better question to ask if I’d taken a CLOTHED picture in SecondLife.

11.] Have you ever dated in SecondLife?
Yes. I dated someone on my first SL account. When we split I left that account as well because all the friends I had on it were mostly HIS friends. Then I changed to my current account as my main. On THIS account I’ve had numerous guys interested in me and a few like…go hang out somewhere dates. But I’ve been partnered once as Slut Fallen and that was with Kovu. And now I’m…well. Off the market again, even if not partnered. Yet. Soon though maybe? I hope? Anyways.

12.] Have you ever had, or attended, a wedding in SecondLife?
I have attended a couple. One or two for a close friend and one or two as just a generic guest for people I SL work with. 

I haven’t HAD one though. I go back and forth between wanting to have one sometime. On one hand I think they’re kinda silly. But on the other, I’d love making a pretty venue and getting dressed up and having a big ridiculous party with all my/our friends. So. I dunno. Kovu gave me a pretty ring when he asked me to partner him, and I DID like that. I guess a SL “proposal” and “wedding” does sound super cute and romantic but I dunno. lol. I

13.] Have you ever engaged in sexual activity in SecondLife?

14.] Have you ever been to Bukkake Bliss in SecondLife?
 yes actually! I knew a guy that was friends with the owner and apparently had one of the stone lions there named after him when he helped out with their tier when they were starting out. I don’t know if that’s true, but he never really lied to me or had a reason to, so it’s probably true. I went there not long ago just to look around because I forgot it still existed. It hasn’t changed  bit.