N • 1o → Lamb MiMi

Lamb MiMi

This isn’t a fancy outfit, or even one with many components, but it’s just adorable. It looks like something I want to wear in RL! I’m a sucker for super soft dresses. Plus, I was super lucky I got into N21 last night. lol. I had to relog and when I got on I decided fuck it, I’d try to get in. I’d failed to earlier. And on my first try, BOOM! N21. I wasn’t expecting to make it in there for a couple more days at least. Of course, now the problem is I didn’t get the Fatpack of this dress, and I want to go back and get a few more of the colors. lol. Oh well. I’ll try again later. 😉

→ W H A T • I M • W E A R I N G ←

Shape // My Own

Body // Maitreya [ btw, if you wear Maitreya, there were several updates for it this week! Make sure you got yours. ]

Head // The Sugar Garden – MiMi

Eyes // Ikon

Hands & Feet // Slink

Hair // Lamb – Haze –  NEW @ N21 [ EXCLUSIVE color, only for N21 and only L$50! ]

Dress // Tres Blah – Chambray Frock @ N21

Shoes // Babygirls – Glittertastic Pumps – COMING SOON @ Babygirls 

Location // Daddy Dom & Babygirl Resort 


New mesh head & things & stuff


I actually bought the new MiMi head from The Sugar Garden! TSG is one of my favorite stores, but the other heads just never really did anything for me. I thought they looked a little too derpaderp as I like to say. This one seems to work out better for me though. I’m still not quite used to it, but I do like that hair actually fits on it, unlike the head I have from TMP. Without an alpha layer for fitting hair, the TMP really limits your choices. Ones that actually covered the whole scalp were kind of few and far between. NONE of the Little Bones hair I have would fit it. And only some of Truth/Spellbound/Magika and so on. Anyways, so far I rather like it.

Club has been doing ok. Been getting more apps in lately. And of course a few griefers and trolls. lol. But that’s to be expected with any club, especially when the traffic gets to be decent. My favorite thing is when a guy comes in with his cock out. We have a hud we can use to put a pink skirt on them that follows them around the sim. xD It makes me happy. Sometimes I’ll also wear my bling penis and chase them around with that. I might as well be entertained by them before they get banned after all.

There are some things that I can’t write about, for various reasons. Nothing bad just things that I don’t really want to try to find words for. Got some good news today though so, hooray for that! Takes a definite weight off our shoulders as a whole.

Other things are still sort of weighing on my mind though, And I’m not sure how to really go into detail about them. Partially because I get shy and… anxious and unsure of myself sometimes. Especially when it comes to random moments when my self esteem may not be so high. I don’t know. Sometimes I just need to feel special. Which sounds silly in a way. I mean, I know I’m special. I know who I am and where I stand with people, but sometimes I still need to feel that little something extra that makes my brain stop functioning for a little while. And it’s hard to bring that up, especially when there are other, more important things at hand than how I may or may not feel. I’m terrible about things like this sometimes. It takes me a while to work myself up to talking about my feelings. And the more I think the conversation will bother someone, the longer I put it off. Or the longer I try to ignore it or rationalize it away. But ugggghg highb;odifhgsoihg. Brain stopping.

Ok. Basically I think it boils down to me not wanting to be a bother to anyone else. I want to take care of the people that I love in any way that I can. And I have always, and will always, put the emotional needs of them over my own. Even when I know I don’t have to. Even when I know that I probably shouldn’t, But my own little feelings of insecurity or doubt seem so insignificant compared to the big picture.

I don’t know. Since other things are getting better then maybe I can address my random, broken thoughts sometime in the near-ish future. This week didn’t really go how I wanted it to, but some of that is definitely my own fault because I didn’t bring it up. Because I didn’t want to be a bother. And annoying.. And…sigh. I don’t even really know what I’m trying to accomplish by writing this at the moment. I guess I needed to just get some of it off my chest even though it’s all in vague, abstract ways that won’t really make sense outside of my own head.


If you haven’t heard, the theme for January’s Collabor88 is UNICORNS.
HNNNNG. @.@ I freakin’ love unicorns. I always have. I was one of those kids. You know those kids. The ones with unicorn stuff all over their room. Yeah, that was me. It still is, kinda, except now I have fewer unicorn items in RL and the ones I do have are nicely displayed on a shelf.
In SecondLife however…. I went into a unicorn buying FRENZY this morning. I spent L$6,000 at Collabor88. And I’ll likely go back for a few more of the items in different colors before the month is through.
Lu, if you’re reading this, I could sure use L$6,000 right about now! xD lol Hell, anyone that’s reading this, I could use 6k right about now! 
But seriously, unicorns are worth it. There will be plenty of pictures of me in some of my new items later on, but right now I’m dancing my pink covered, unicorn lovin’ ass off at Escort Oasis in hopes of at least recouping a third of today’s spending. Wish me luck!

[. L u L i .] New Releases \\ Nails!

Been learning how to do nail appliers for Slink hands and feet today. I put together two items for my little store. One dollarbie and one Christmas themed. 😀

This pink one is my very first attempt at Slink enhancements and the first HUD I’ve ever made. xD It can be found HERE

The above Christmas themed nails can be found HERE.

Hello December.

December is going to take all of my Lindens. I swear. Ok wait, picture first, then we’ll go through all the freakin’ events that are happening right now. If nothing else so I can at least remember where my money went to at the end of the month.

Photo taken at The Bay.

Ok, so I already went to Uber because I absolutely needed this hair from Little Bones. I got the group gift of it and immediately needed the fatpack. I actually whipped out the LetMeIn HUD so I could get it on the first day instead of waiting till an event wasn’t packed full like I usually try to do. I miiiiight go back for the shoes from Reign, but I dunno.

Speaking of Reign, I have to get to FaMeshed at some point to get the shoes they put out there because they are amazzzzing. I’ll wait a bit to fight that lag though. I bought a bunch of shoes from Moda this week, so I can hold off a bit.

Already went to the anniversary round of Suicide Dollz, but will likely go back at some point in case I missed something in all the lag.

There’s various Winter fairs and sales going on that I’ll get to sometime this month.

And of course, the big one. The Arcade. I am a gacha FIEND. I will spend thousands there, I’m sure of it. But it’s one that I will definitely wait a little bit to try to get into. Everytime I manage to actually make it on the sim during the first few days my computer has IMMEDIATELY crashed. Gives me time to save up so I can go for those rares I need. >.>

Edited to pass the time.

Standing around Escort Oasis with all of one IM in the last 2 hours. Sigh.

Summer time is always slow. And my two best regs are missing in action, sort of. One of them spends a lot on me for a month and the disappears for about 3. Lather, rinse, repeat. Has been going on for a few years now. The other one and I haven’t been on at the same time. Generally when I log on he’s just started with a different [cheaper] girl, or finished with her. And I refuse to lower my rates for him because what he likes doing is a huge pain in my ass.

I don’t even have shopping funds this week. Or last week. What little I’ve earned has gone all towards paying tier for my home, my lounge, and my adboards. When it rains, it pours. But when it stops, well. And so many shopping events going on right now that I can’t even THINK about going to. I’ve been avoiding looking at Flickr and my SL Facebook just because I know I’m gonna see so many things I want but can’t currently afford. lol.

Ah well. Summer is almost over and it generally picks up in the Fall/Winter.

ANYWAYS. Point of this was I was working on editing this pic while standing around EO, just because freelancing gets awfully boring sometimes. And I’m quite please with how it turned out.

*head desk*

I was helping this guy decorate his giant sim sized manor, for FREE I might add, just because I like decorating. I was using items already in my inventory since he didn’t give me any shopping money and I wasn’t about to spend my money buying stuff for his house.

He’s always kind of bugged me, especially when he tries to order me around like he knows me. But after I decorated 3 or so rooms for him, he just stopped talking to me at all. Which I didn’t mind too much. I’d briefly considered going back to his manor and picking up my items, but I figured I’d leave them be since they were pretty much all C/M items.

Then tonight he decides he’s ready to [ kind of? ] talk to me again. It’s been at least a month, maybe more, since the last time I went to his manor.

[03:16] Decorating Impaired: what are you up to ?
[03:17] Slut Fallen: Checking out the new round of fameshed
[03:17] Decorating Impaired: huh ?
[03:17] Slut Fallen: a shopping thing
[03:17] Decorating Impaired: i need to finish decorating
[03:17] Slut Fallen: you still haven’t finished?
[03:18] Decorating Impaired: you said you woudl help
[03:18] Decorating Impaired: I don’t do it on my own
[03:18] Decorating Impaired:I get females tod o it
[03:18] Slut Fallen: I did! I worked on three or four rooms.
[03:18] Decorating Impaired: My place would looka  mesh
[03:18] Decorating Impaired: if I tried
[03:18] Decorating Impaired: lol
[03:19] Slut Fallen: I did several rooms. Then you just sorta stopped talking to me so I figured you were done decorating.
[03:21] Decorating Impaired: come here *He TPed into FaMeshed, landing right in front of me*
[03:21] Slut Fallen: where?
[03:21] Decorating Impaired: right next to you
[03:21] Slut Fallen: Im like, almnost right behind you.
[03:24] Decorating Impaired:c omming ? * I have no idea where he was. I was lagging bad so just camming around *
[03:27] Slut Fallen: Where?

And then I TPed home.

It’s been about 20 minutes since then and he still hasn’t told me where he had wanted me to go. Or maybe he was just trying to ask if I was having a shopping induced orgasm.