So Bruce Willis wanted to be my Daddy today.

The photo op was worth the 10 minute free cuddle on his private beach.



I can’t even pretend to understand myself sometimes.

[01:19] Slut FallenSlut Fallen humps your face.
[01:20] Ell Amaterasu: O_O gad dammn
[01:20] Slut FallenSlut Fallen implants her eggs in your nose.
[01:20] Ell Amaterasu: ROFL EWW
[01:20] Ell Amaterasu: I don’t wantcha damn lady eggs in mah nose
[01:21] Slut FallenSlut Fallen duct tapes your nostrils shut.
[01:21] Slut Fallen: O.O
[01:22] Slut Fallen: Carry….. our children Ell.
[01:22] Slut FallenSlut Fallen dies.
[01:22] Ell Amaterasu: ROFLMFAO
[01:22] Ell Amaterasu: IN WHAT MY BRAIN?
[01:22] Slut FallenSlut Fallen comes back from the dead to gasp a raspy, “…yessssszz….”, then dies again.
[01:23] Ell Amaterasu: Gurl when you went to dairy queen and they asked you if you wanted extra salt. You didn’t say yes then give a wink did ja?
[01:24] Slut Fallen: I had burger king.
[01:24] Slut Fallen: I dunno what kinda icing was on the cinnabon dessert though

"i can crash ur avatar right here, right now"

I was wandering a bit today and just clicking on random landmarks I have saved when I ended up in Dark Alley. I don’t go there too often but I wanted to join the group to see if I could change my tags, since you’re supposedly able to and I never could when I was in it before. [[ Still can’t, no matter what anyone says ]]

As soon as I landed I got an IM from some Russian guy all dressed up like he stepped out of Call of Duty or some such.

[14:57] CODude: helloo))
[14:57] CODude: how are u ?)
[14:57] Slut Fallen: ok, yourself?
[14:57] CODude: fine, tnx
[14:58] CODude: Slut
[14:58] CODude: Maybe, we can go down in some interested place, example… bed ?)
[14:59] CODude: ?)

Along with IMing me, I noticed he was also talking in local to some noob dude with his noobie red cock out. There was also some girl who looked suppper outdated, but she would have been hot a few years ago.

[14:57] CODude: i can crash ur avatar right here, right now
[14:57] CODude: and that *she is mine* – u put in ur ass
[14:58] NoobDude: she is still mine i ordered her to get up and we can both leave without you

Apparently they were fighting over used-to-be-hot girl and who would get to fuck her on one of the display beds set up in a shop in the vendor area, right next to the landing spot of Dark Alley.

Classy. As. Fuck. And that’s coming from a girl named Slut.

Anyways, after CODude asked me about a bed, NoobDude TP’d away and I expected the girl to go shortly after since she was “his”. Apparently she didn’t feel like leaving though since she hopped right back onto the display bed, and CODude hopped right up onto her. I laughed for a second, told him it looked like he was already busy, and left.

Some people, I swear.

EDIT: Out of curiosity, I went back after I typed out this post and yup, they’re still goin’ at it.