I’ve had a lot of people call me a scammer lately.

The first was the girl that I fired from the club. She said I scammed her out of her hourly reward benefits and the money the penthouse she could have been living in would have been worth. She also thought I fired her just because I didn’t want to pay her, when really I had conversations with her about the problems I was having with her and the complaints I was getting from other girls about her. And she decided to ignore all of that and just harp on the few things that she was obsessed with commenting on, while completely disrespecting me in the process. Anyways.

Then tonight a guy posts in our VIP group that one of our girls was a scammer. I told him in the VIP group to please IM me and tell me what happened so we could try to handle the situation. He didn’t IM me or reply, so I IMed him annnnd he didn’t reply. Then I messaged the girl to get her side of it. It boils down to he approached her in a different club, NOT EVEN MY CLUB, and asked her about her services. She told him a sub rp session would be 3k. He then asked if she voiced, and she said yes.

The chat log that HE sent me clearly showed that he did not hire her for voice. Just asked if she DID voice.

So, he pays her and apparently what happened was he thought asking if she voiced meant that he was hiring her for voice. So when he wanted her to get on voice, she told him it would cost extra because he hadn’t hired her for voice, only asked if she DID voice. And I told him that honestly, I agreed with her. Just because she has voice available doesn’t mean you hired her for voice. I compared it to ordering pizza, which made Daddy laugh. I said that just like a pizza, wanting extra toppings added means that the cost would go up. This is when he decided I was a scammer too.
[22:43] Wants Free Pizza: i will spread the word you are scammers
[22:46] Wants Free Pizza: i will go through your other groups and do the same to you… i will teach you scamers to do fair business
[22:46] Slut Fallen: lol, I didn’t scam you. You have never given me money or asked to hire me.
[22:46] Slut Fallen: How have I scammed you?
[22:46] Wants Free Pizza: i am not happy with your service i would just share this chat with her
[22:47] Wants Free Pizza: and say you supported her
[22:47] Wants Free Pizza: i will let people decide
[22:47] Wants Free Pizza: i believe many folks in this conversion
[22:47] Slut Fallen: lol, what happened wasn’t a scam, and it didn’t even happen in my club.
[22:47] Wants Free Pizza: would understand that this is about voice
[22:47] Wants Free Pizza: well it is about your attitude
[22:48] Wants Free Pizza: towards things
[22:48] Wants Free Pizza: honestly if she is professional
[22:48] Wants Free Pizza: she would return money?
[22:48] Wants Free Pizza: 🙂
[22:48] Slut Fallen: soooo. Because you’ve never been in my club, hired me, or paid me…… you’re going to tell people I’m a scammer. That makes total sense
[22:48] Slut Fallen: Anyways. Again, Have a good night.
[22:48] Wants Free Pizza: i will say that you support scamer
[22:49] Wants Free Pizza: which you did
[22:49] Wants Free Pizza: which tells would be expected in your club
[22:49] Wants Free Pizza: i just have habit to teach scamers that there is responsibility
[22:49] Slut Fallen: lol, again. Have a good night.

Then I just had Daddy ban him from the club and I banned him from all my groups. xD


Never a dull moment at Babygirls Escorts. lmao.

The owner, DJ, encourages and supports my random weird ass side. He gives Ell and I silly toys to play with, like the unicorn head, go-karts, scooters…. last night I laughed so hard with him and Ell that I was literally in tears and gave myself a headache. It was fucking magical and probably some of the most fun I’ve had in SecondLife in a while.

I can’t even pretend to understand myself sometimes.

[01:19] Slut FallenSlut Fallen humps your face.
[01:20] Ell Amaterasu: O_O gad dammn
[01:20] Slut FallenSlut Fallen implants her eggs in your nose.
[01:20] Ell Amaterasu: ROFL EWW
[01:20] Ell Amaterasu: I don’t wantcha damn lady eggs in mah nose
[01:21] Slut FallenSlut Fallen duct tapes your nostrils shut.
[01:21] Slut Fallen: O.O
[01:22] Slut Fallen: Carry….. our children Ell.
[01:22] Slut FallenSlut Fallen dies.
[01:22] Ell Amaterasu: ROFLMFAO
[01:22] Ell Amaterasu: IN WHAT MY BRAIN?
[01:22] Slut FallenSlut Fallen comes back from the dead to gasp a raspy, “…yessssszz….”, then dies again.
[01:23] Ell Amaterasu: Gurl when you went to dairy queen and they asked you if you wanted extra salt. You didn’t say yes then give a wink did ja?
[01:24] Slut Fallen: I had burger king.
[01:24] Slut Fallen: I dunno what kinda icing was on the cinnabon dessert though