Edited to pass the time.

Standing around Escort Oasis with all of one IM in the last 2 hours. Sigh.

Summer time is always slow. And my two best regs are missing in action, sort of. One of them spends a lot on me for a month and the disappears for about 3. Lather, rinse, repeat. Has been going on for a few years now. The other one and I haven’t been on at the same time. Generally when I log on he’s just started with a different [cheaper] girl, or finished with her. And I refuse to lower my rates for him because what he likes doing is a huge pain in my ass.

I don’t even have shopping funds this week. Or last week. What little I’ve earned has gone all towards paying tier for my home, my lounge, and my adboards. When it rains, it pours. But when it stops, well. And so many shopping events going on right now that I can’t even THINK about going to. I’ve been avoiding looking at Flickr and my SL Facebook just because I know I’m gonna see so many things I want but can’t currently afford. lol.

Ah well. Summer is almost over and it generally picks up in the Fall/Winter.

ANYWAYS. Point of this was I was working on editing this pic while standing around EO, just because freelancing gets awfully boring sometimes. And I’m quite please with how it turned out.


Are you an escort?

I think I’m going to start posting every time I get this question. And I’d like to add the first pick in my profile is also about my being an escort.

Sometimes when I’m working on pictures or watching tv or just plain tired enough I might doze off, I go to freelance sims instead of working in the club. Mainly because if I fall asleep I don’t want to ignore people coming into a club. But if I fall asleep at a freelance sim then I generally get woken up by the sound of the IM. And if I don’t, it’s not a huge deal.

Anyways, this is a thing that gets asked on a regular basis. This time it was at Redlight Escorts.

[16:43] B____: heya
[16:44] Slut Fallen: hi 🙂
[16:44]  B____: how r u babe/?
[16:44] Slut Fallen: not bad, yourself?
[16:45]  B____: good thanks
[16:45]  B____: do u escort babe?
[16:47] Slut Fallen: yep, it’s why I’m wearing an escort tag on an escort sim. lol xD
[16:48]  B____: hey ive mey plenty of girls that have a tag like that,whom only like hanging around these types of places lol……do u cam at all?
[16:49] Slut Fallen: that seems pointless. lol. I’ve never known a girl with an escort tag on an escort sim to NOT be a escort. haha. But no, sorry, I don’t cam.

Hands off my snake coils if you ain’t got no $L.

This morning’s strange free sex request took place at Escort Oasis.

NagaLover: you’re a naga, the top half of you is human, however you can unhinge your jaw to swallow another human whole, from the waste down you’re snake with thirty foot coils. What do you do if I walk up to you and touch your long thick coils?
Slut Fallen: I’d say I’m here to work at the moment and I don’t do RPs while I’m working for free.
NagaLover: Well what would you do with me if you were a naga and I paid?
Slut Fallen: Sorry, don’t accept hypothetical RP payment either. You’d likely have better luck with this on a beast/fantasy sex RP sim.

Listen up bitches.

Going to a freelance escort place, or working in an escort club, and complaining in local about how hard it is to get hired, how slow it is, how long you’ve been waiting for a customer, etc. does NOT make you desirable.

In fact, it’s annoying. And it sounds desperate. Annnnd personally makes ME think “If no one has wanted your ass in the 9 hours you said you’ve been here, then why would anyone wanna change that for you now that you’re bitchin’ about it?”


I’ve stood around freelance sims for hours and not gotten hired. It happens to all of us. I get it. But bitching and moaning and whining in local is not cute.

Just shut it.

[19:55] Some Guy: Business has been very slow.
[19:55] Whining Bitch: yes very
[19:55] Whining Bitch: i ben here going on 9 hours
[19:57] Whining Bitch: hopefully someone finds me sexy enough for sexy time
[19:57] Whining Bitch: but mostly men come here with no cash
[19:58] Whining Bitch: why its slow
[19:58] Whining Bitch: 75% has no money
[19:59] Whining Bitch: 25% has cash to buy pussy
[19:59] Whining Bitch: thats why its so frustrating
[20:00] Whining Bitch: many girls dont get business im not only girl

Oh yeah bby. Complain in local some more. That gets alllll the dicks hard.

Missing Kovu // Working

I’m not really ready to talk about what happened with Kovu yet. He’s still in my partner box, and everything was on good terms. He just needed to leave SL for a while. And I miss him like crazy.

Still trying to work and breed the kitties and just keep myself entertained. Here’s what happened at Redlight this evening that kind of gave me a chuckle:

[01:13] Jacques: hey
[01:14] Slut Fallen: hello 🙂
[01:19] Slut Fallen: can I help you?
[01:19] Jacques Jacques  (auto-response): Got some Lindens for me? pleaaase ! …
[01:20] Jacques : you cam?
[01:20] Slut Fallen: sometimes, but guessing from your autoresponse message, you probably can’t afford me.
[01:21] Jacques : lol