It’s really not an act.


Sometimes people don’t seem to believe that I really AM shy. At least on voice and in person. Typing and text is different. I have time to think and compose myself and I can sort of just relax. But when I’m talking or in person I just…can’t do some of the things I do in text.

And I get a lot of people thinking it’s an act or a persona I play since in SL my name is Slut and I’m an escort. But I’m not actually that outgoing or comfortable with voicing. There’s only a handful of people I voice with at all and even fewer that I do voice escorting with. >.<


Rarrrrgh. D:

I know my layout is still sort of screwed up, but I’m a little too annoyed to delve into the process of figuring out why yet. >.<  I have no idea why the date area just says undefined. *sigh* But I'll figure it out eventually! lol. It's probably something stupid.

Annnyways, I wanna rant. Which is nothing new right? I do that all the time here. It’s one of the main reasons I have this here. lol. Sometimes there’s shit about secondlife that annoys the fuck out of me and I don’t really want to put it all over Facebook, and anyone who DOESN’T play SL wouldn’t understand any of it anyways.

So. I’ve been working in a club in SL for a few months now. It’s been fine. I’ve gotten tipped, met a few people and been hired from it a few times. There’s some girls there that I don’t care for, but that’s what happens when women work together. Our personalities just don’t mesh so I don’t really enjoy being around them. No problem. I generally just don’t work when they’re there. It’s pretty easy to avoid people. lol.

Now one of the reasons I came to this club to work is SPECIFICALLY because in the rules it says, and I quote:

★Voice is preferred and allowed here HOWEVER it is NOT required.

Awesome! I can voice sometimes and the times I can’t or aren’t in the mood to, I don’t have to! Right?


I THOUGHT I was right since I’ve been working there for months now. I’ve been in there with and without voice. I’ve had the owners and general manager and other managers in there with me while I was NOT on voice. No one ever said a word. Then today one of them IMs me and says I HAVE to be able to hear voice while working.


REALLY?!? Monnnths later and now you’re telling me I have to hear voice? Months after I’ve been working there and making tips and getting hired and giving you a cut. Months after I’ve been renting a room on your sim because I thought it was a cute idea. Months after, between paying that rent, their cut and my adboard, I’ve given you thousssandsss of Linden, you decide I have to have voice on. FOR FUCK’S SAKE. COME ON.

I get that a lot of people love voice in SL. I know that. But I also know that there are plenty that don’t. I want to be able to voice when I feel like it, but not be required to do it when I don’t. Honestly, 90% of my clients are text only. I’ve had 5 figure days of earning with just text. Multiple times. My emotes are generally well liked. Hell, I know several guys who prefer to not ever use voice because they say it takes them out of the fantasy.

SO if you’re going to REQUIRE voice to be on, maybe you shouldn’t have in your rules that VOICE IS NOT REQUIRED. DOES THAT MAKE FUCKING SENSE TO YOU?

I’m contemplating quitting the club. I dunno. I can go in sometimes with voice when it’s empty I guess. Because last time I had my voice on in there I heard two managers, a girl and a client talking about the most retarded shit. Dog fucking and gay husbands and how they’re practically virgins anyways and just… lots of crude, vulgar things that generally probably shouldn’t be on the club floor. You obviously know I don’t have a problem with crude, vulgar things but a lot of potential clients DO. So unless your club is catering towards those themes, the club floor should be more subdued and seductive than crass and vulgar.


I’ll probably end up quitting.

Probably unrelated events, but hey, I smiled.

I know this is going to make me sound like a catty bitch, but hey, sometimes I AM a catty bitch so it’s ok.

Every where you work there’s always going to be some people you don’t like. I think that’s even more true when you’re a woman working with only woman, like in an SL adult club. There are NUMEROUS girls that work at this club that I don’t particularly care for, for whatever reasons. And I don’t try to cause drama or anything intentionally. If I’m working at the same time as they are, I just mind my own business, though I generally try to just avoid them completely for my own sake.

Some of them are just obnoxious and rude. And earlier today I came in while one of them was dancing and getting tipped by a guy. I got on the stage on the opposite side of the room and didn’t even say hello. I decided to let the girls that were talking to him just keep going without me interrupting to say hi to everyone. Within minutes of being on stage the guy had tipped the girl I don’t like 2 or 3 times. Good for her.

Then he tipped me too. I was a bit surprised since I hadn’t even said hi, but I emoted him. Within like 2 minutes he IMs me and asks for my card. She announced she was leaving, and then he hired me. xD

Another terrible club in the works.

A few weeks ago I had some girl at Redlight banned because she was spamming everyone that landed there about some new club. A few days later another girl, who was about 2 days old, messaged me and told me about the same club. She was at least polite so I asked for a LM to go check it out. And she didn’t know what a LM was.

After about 45 minutes of explaining to her what it was, and how to make one, and her telling me about the owner of the club, she managed to give me a LM and I just sorta forgot about it.

Well today I noticed an adboard for the club and decided I’d go check it out for the hell of it. I landed and it was empty other than one other person standing outside. As I wandered around the owner eventually logged on outside as well. I tried finding an application giver but there was nothing. And btw, the decor was awwwful and looked like the club was straight outta 2009. But anyways, the traffic was 14k, on a full sim, and there was no one inside. One or two adboards rented and no history for highest tipped or highest donor. So I’m assuming botted traffic, though I could be wrong.

After a while of searching for the app I just decided to IM the owner since he was just outside. And here’s what followed.

[12:24] Slut Fallen: Is there any sort of application or anything to fill out for your club? lol
[12:39] Club Owner: ?
[12:40] Slut Fallen: Is there an application to apply to work in your club? I went there and was looking for one but couldn’t find anything.
[12:40] Club Owner: yes
[12:41] Club Owner: what’s your username?
[12:41] Club Owner: I mean the viewer name, not the account
[12:41] Slut Fallen: Firestorm
[12:41] Slut Fallen: that’s the viewer I’m using if that’s what youre asking
[12:41] ** sends me a TP **
[12:42] Slut Fallen: did you mean display name? lol
[12:42] Club Owner: yes, sorry about that
[12:44] Slut Fallen: ok….both my username and display name should show in the IM. lol
[12:45] Club Owner: I’m on my phone. I can’t see any of that
[12:45] Slut Fallen: ok. I’ll just come back later and see if you have apps available then.
** I TP out **
[12:47] Club Owner: I can give you the application but it’s something id like to take care of now
[12:48] Slut Fallen: Getting an app from a club shouldn’t be so difficult. lol. It would be a good idea if you had an application giver set up so girls can just pick one up if they’re interested without having to ask you and bug you while you’re mobile.
[12:48] Club Owner: Once I get on my computer I doubt we’ll talk 🙂
[12:48] Club Owner: that’s true
[12:51] Club Owner: I will take care of that later. one second as I send the app
[12:52] Slut Fallen: no problem.
[12:52]  ** gives me a brochure about the club **
[12:52] Club Owner: you should have it now
[12:53] Slut Fallen: I have a brochure but nothing to fill out to apply to work there.
[12:53] Club Owner: lol I could give you the extensive one but it needs to be edited
[12:53] Club Owner: the idea is to make it as easy as possible
[12:53] Club Owner: one sec I have the one I give escorts
[12:53] ** Gives me a manual about escorts needing to rent an adboard, etc. **
[12:54] Club Owner: read over it and feel free to ask any question you’d like
[12:54] Club Owner: as long as you’re able to agree to these policies, you are eligible for a job.
[12:54] Slut Fallen: well, typically an app has question to fill out and…apply. If I just look at the brochure and don’t fill anything out, how do you know if you want me to work there and how do I tell you I want to work there? A brochure and a manual just tell the person what the place is like, not actually give them a way to say “Hey I wanna work for you, am I good enough?” So, thanks anyways, but no thanks. It seems like you aren’t really set up to open or function yet. I’ll check back some other time.
[12:56] Club Owner: I’m on my phone at work. this is me monitoring my current employees. Now you could kindly calm your ass down and wait for me to do this properly or you can go on your merry way. I told you ahead of time that this would be informal as I’m not on my computer
[12:56] Slut Fallen: If you don’t even have an app for a girl to fill out though, how do you expect to get any additional employees?
[12:57] Club Owner: if you want the pretentious bullshit, there you go. all in the notecard.
[12:58] Club Owner: this is SL. not many are willing to waste time filling an application like its a real world deal. they want to be out there working for their money. those are the people who make it here
[12:58] Slut Fallen: Wow, FINALLY got an application, when that’s what I IMed asking for in the first place. You were the one that went through and sent a ton of other bullshit when I Just asked for a simple item. No thank you, no longer interested and good luck. If you didn’t have one for me to fill out you could have just said “we don’t have an app” and told me how you go about hiring girls.
[12:58] Slut Fallen: Again, thanks but no thanks, and good luck.
[12:58] Club Owner: You as we’ll.
[12:58] Club Owner: *well
** I closed the IM **

[13:00] Club Owner: the application was valid but as we’ve relocated we’re also working on our method of application. I explained that to you yet you insisted on an app. The manual states your eligibility, and the brochure shows you what the club is about. If you aren’t eligible then what’s the point of giving an application?
[13:00] Club Owner: People who come off the way you did tend to jump the gun. nonetheless good luck.
[13:00] Slut Fallen: no, you didn’t explain it. You just said gave me a bunch of random notecards and then told me the app wasn’t ready and I said I would go back later. But it’s a moot point now as I’m not interested and I doubt you’d want me there anyways. Have a good day.
** At this point I just blocked him **

So. Needless to say I will NOT be working at Club V***. And I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone either.

Urf, still here!

Sorry I’ve been away from here for so long. >.< RL has been a bit stressful. My RL BF applied for a promotion and he got it, which is great news, BUT it's in another state. So we've been trying to figure out paying for the relocation, and trying to work with the relocation assistance his company says they'll provide, along with looking for a place to live and just…. sometimes I'm just too stressed out trying to prepare for this move to actual sit down and WRITE anything. But, things are slowly coming together and we should be headed out to Dallas-Fort Worth by mid-October.

Because I’m not sure when we’ll get the internet hooked up then I’ve also been trying to bust my butt earning tier money to pay for my home and my lounge weeks in advance so I won’t have to worry about them going away if I’m without internet for a week or so. We’ll see how that goes. >.<

But while I was standing at Redlight earlier I did see this….interesting girl laying in the street. She’s still there and sort of wiggling her butt back and forth a bit. I’m not entirely sure what she’s doing. It looks like she’s not sure how to complete a pushup so she’s just….wiggling instead. I…I don’t know.