It’s really not an act.


Sometimes people don’t seem to believe that I really AM shy. At least on voice and in person. Typing and text is different. I have time to think and compose myself and I can sort of just relax. But when I’m talking or in person I just…can’t do some of the things I do in text.

And I get a lot of people thinking it’s an act or a persona I play since in SL my name is Slut and I’m an escort. But I’m not actually that outgoing or comfortable with voicing. There’s only a handful of people I voice with at all and even fewer that I do voice escorting with. >.<


Probably unrelated events, but hey, I smiled.

I know this is going to make me sound like a catty bitch, but hey, sometimes I AM a catty bitch so it’s ok.

Every where you work there’s always going to be some people you don’t like. I think that’s even more true when you’re a woman working with only woman, like in an SL adult club. There are NUMEROUS girls that work at this club that I don’t particularly care for, for whatever reasons. And I don’t try to cause drama or anything intentionally. If I’m working at the same time as they are, I just mind my own business, though I generally try to just avoid them completely for my own sake.

Some of them are just obnoxious and rude. And earlier today I came in while one of them was dancing and getting tipped by a guy. I got on the stage on the opposite side of the room and didn’t even say hello. I decided to let the girls that were talking to him just keep going without me interrupting to say hi to everyone. Within minutes of being on stage the guy had tipped the girl I don’t like 2 or 3 times. Good for her.

Then he tipped me too. I was a bit surprised since I hadn’t even said hi, but I emoted him. Within like 2 minutes he IMs me and asks for my card. She announced she was leaving, and then he hired me. xD

Edited to pass the time.

Standing around Escort Oasis with all of one IM in the last 2 hours. Sigh.

Summer time is always slow. And my two best regs are missing in action, sort of. One of them spends a lot on me for a month and the disappears for about 3. Lather, rinse, repeat. Has been going on for a few years now. The other one and I haven’t been on at the same time. Generally when I log on he’s just started with a different [cheaper] girl, or finished with her. And I refuse to lower my rates for him because what he likes doing is a huge pain in my ass.

I don’t even have shopping funds this week. Or last week. What little I’ve earned has gone all towards paying tier for my home, my lounge, and my adboards. When it rains, it pours. But when it stops, well. And so many shopping events going on right now that I can’t even THINK about going to. I’ve been avoiding looking at Flickr and my SL Facebook just because I know I’m gonna see so many things I want but can’t currently afford. lol.

Ah well. Summer is almost over and it generally picks up in the Fall/Winter.

ANYWAYS. Point of this was I was working on editing this pic while standing around EO, just because freelancing gets awfully boring sometimes. And I’m quite please with how it turned out.

You keep using that word…..

I do not think it means what you think it means.

Errrg. Guy IMs me tonight and asks if I would be willing to blow him in IMs while his wife was asleep. I say I don’t do it for free and he says he’ll pay me L$500 to RP Chun Li blowing him.

Now, 500 is quite a bit less than I normally charge. But I decided screw it. It’s just in IMs and it’s not something I’ve done before. I’m not fully sure how to be Chun Li giving a blow job but I’ll go for it. I clarify that it is just in IMs and he says yes, he loves ParaRP. Alright. Cool. Let’s do this.

He pays me the 500L and emotes leaning against his desk and unzipping his pants and saying that it’d better be the sluttiest Chun Li ever.

I start emoting.

Slut Fallen smiles, sinking to her knees gracefully. Her short skirt riding up her powerful thighs as she does. Without a word she reaches eagerly for your cock, slender hand slipping in to grasp your shaft firmly in her grip.
Wants to bang Chun Li: *smirking down at her, his cock growing in her hnad* Its a good start..
Slut Fallen licks her lips, feeling the firmness against her fingers, pulling you free from your pants. Looking up at you and flashing a bit of a playful wink, her strong grip squeezing your shaft before she leans in to drag her tongue firmly across the head
WTBCL: ALright, want you to really convince me Im getting blown by Chun, come on..
WTBCL: I want her swallowing my cock..
Slut Fallen: not at all interested in paraRP foreplay I see.
Slut Fallen: fine [ at this point I started typing up an emote about shoving him back on his desk and taking all of his cock, but his next message came before I’d finished it and what he said annoyed me. This is when I decided to say fuck it, I’m not gonna do this RP. ]
WTBCL: Paying you to service me..
WTBCL: I want a slutty ass Chun Li, come on..
Slut Fallen: ok, yes, but you didn’t tell me you wanted me to just slam your dick in my mouth. You said you liked paraRP, so I was gigving you para RP.
WTBCL: I do, I like detailed descriptions..
Slut Fallen: and that’s what I was doing. If I’m not your style of para RP then I will refund your 500L and wish you luck.
WTBCL: Just want Chun blowing me, is that so tough? lol
Slut Fallen: apparently for me it is. Sorry I can’t seem to do your particular kind of paraRP since my emotes weren’t what you wanted. Good luck finding someone who can do it to your satisfaction.

And I did return his 500L.

I mean, sure, I probably could have just started slamming his dick down my throat but I was annoyed and it wasn’t really worth the 500L. When he said paraRP and started by unzipping his fly I assumed he wanted…. I dunno, R FREAKING P. I can give detailed descriptions about his cock in my throat but if he had wanted it to start there or go immediately there, he should have told me. Otherwise I was going to paraRP the whole scene because he said he liked paraRP. Then he just sorta irked me. I mean, it’s not like he was giving me any sort of RP to go off of on his end.

He didn’t say anything else after my last message and I removed him from my friends list. He wasn’t terrible or anything, just pushed my buttons in the wrong way and the amount I was getting for it wasn’t enough to make me suck it up. No pun intended.

Hands off my snake coils if you ain’t got no $L.

This morning’s strange free sex request took place at Escort Oasis.

NagaLover: you’re a naga, the top half of you is human, however you can unhinge your jaw to swallow another human whole, from the waste down you’re snake with thirty foot coils. What do you do if I walk up to you and touch your long thick coils?
Slut Fallen: I’d say I’m here to work at the moment and I don’t do RPs while I’m working for free.
NagaLover: Well what would you do with me if you were a naga and I paid?
Slut Fallen: Sorry, don’t accept hypothetical RP payment either. You’d likely have better luck with this on a beast/fantasy sex RP sim.

Lemme tell you about the worst club I’ve ever worked at.

Not gonna name any names, but if you know me there’s a decent chance you heard me complain about this place at some point.

I worked there sometime in the end of 2013. It had been open for a little while when I applied, but whenever I had gone to look at it, it had always been empty with one or two girls working. When I finally applied I did it because I had noticed the traffic had been consistently 20k+ in the Search. So I thought maybe they were having events or expanding their clientele. Plus I generally do prefer clubs where I am not required to be on voice whenever I am on stage, since I live with my RL BF and a room mate. Not that either of them mind me voicing. I just don’t like more or less ignoring my BF to voice in SL when he’s home.

Anyways, I applied and got hired. And I quickly figured out there were no events, and almost no clients. What there WAS were 15-25 bots at any given time. I don’t mind when a club has a couple bots, especially if they’re used for group invites or some other purpose, but 15-25 is nothing but a bot traffic farm.

I ignored it while I was there because, eh, the traffic helped random people come in and if I was working, more often than not, I got tipped. They didn’t all STAY, especially when there was a staff of 3-7 girls, depending on who had been randomly fired that day. But I made decent enough $L there. Enough that for the last month I was there I was the highest tipped girl on the board. Then the owner “cleared” the board and within a couple days I was at the top again. More on that later.

The girl I spent most of my time talking to there was randomly fired one day. Because the manager/co-owner thought that she was being disrespectful when really, she had just made a joke that the owners couldn’t understand. And they wouldn’t let anyone try to explain the situation or give their version of it either. Neither of them speak English all that well. It’s certainly not their first language and they have trouble with complex sentences or ideas. Not that I have anything against people who speak English as a second language, but it CAN be hard to communicate with them sometimes. So, that girl was fired on the spot.

Within a week or so I was ejected from the group. When I asked why I was told that because I was a “two-faced liar” that owned a “club”.

The “club” in question? A skybox that was, yes, in my picks. And yes, there was an online notification board in it, as well as a tip jar in case anyone TP’d in and wanted to check if I was online or leave a tip/tribute. There was no dance poles, or dance furniture. There was a couple couches and a greedy table. So, that was my “club”. Oh, and it also had a traffic of 15.

So when I told the owner that was a ridiculous reason to fire her highest tipped girl she said I was no longer the highest tipped because she had reset the board again. Like suddenly resetting the board meant that all the money that I had earned, along with the cut they took, just didn’t exist anymore. I laughed, told her to enjoy her 20 bot traffic and was immediately banned.

Fast forward a bit. Not a few weeks later and the club was no long showing in the top search results when I looked up “escorts”. So I searched for it specifically and it had moved land and dropped down to about 3k traffic. It stayed that way for a long time. Later as I was looking through the newly opened clubs, like I do sometimes when I’m bored, I found one I’d never heard of. Tried to TP over and…. I was banned. Looked into it a bit and it was the same club, but with a new name. It stayed that way for a while, and just within the last week or so it has gone BACK to the original name.

Well. I’m a nosy fucker. >.> So tonight I decide to get on an alt and see what it looks like now. Following are two pics I took. One shows the TWO rented adboards they have, [ names and faces of the girls blocked for their privacy ]. There were some bot names I recognized from my time there, as well as a few ones. Picture of my radar included, with names blocked out there as well. I tried to go up to the bots to get pics of them, but there’s a security orb in their bot box with them, so I wasn’t able to.

But, yeah, with all of 2 dancers/escorts, they clearly need those 13 bots to get the 20k+ traffic they currently have again.