Movie night!


Tonight was much needed I think. ♥ We’ve been so busy lately with club stuff and setting up the shoe store and just maintaining two sims in general that sometimes we don’t really take time out to just BE.

Yesterday we have a gun/explosion battle for the first time in a while and I laughed so hard it hurt.

Then tonight after we spent some time on a gaming sim and Ell and I did some shopping, we got together in my skybox to watch a movie. And like Daddy said, technology is awesome. Three people in three different places in the world, watching a movie together. 😀 It was nice just to be able to virtually cuddle with him and relax. We watched American Sniper because he’d been wanting to see it, and so had I. And ya know, I really enjoyed it. Not just because it was a good movie, but because the three of us watched it together. It was…relaxing. Even though that is DEFINITELY not a “relaxing” movie. lol. It was still enjoyable. Plus I got to use the super comfy looking recliner that I bought at FaMeshed yesterday. xD

We definitely need to have more movie nights in the future as well. I love working on things with him but it’s nice to just BE sometimes too. Though I start getting restless after a while if I don’t have anything to work on. I was actually at a bit of a loss the other night because I didn’t have enough new shoes to take pictures of, and I’d already finished the marketplace listings. lol. But he reminded me I wanted to redo the private skyboxes and set those up, so next time my hands start to get restless and I need to WORK on something, I can get those going. Woooo. I like having things to work on.


Random Excursions.



Couple days ago we decided we needed some time away from the club, just for a bit. Ell and I went to a demolition derby sim where we drove around, knocked over buildings, ran over skeletons and got chased by zombies. xD Ell is definitely a better driver than I am. I usually end up with tuk tuks on the roof or jet skis stuck under umbrellas. xD

Afterwards we joined DJ on a skilled gaming sim. He was using up his replay credits, but the machine he was playing clearly hated him. We started slapping it, but I think it looked more like we were trying to cast some sort of voo doo curse on it. Either way, it didn’t work. xD

It’s been nice just getting time with DJ that didn’t involve working. Not that I don’t like when we work together. I actually love when we have projects we do together. And we work well together! But sometimes its still good to go out and do something else.

Gachas gonna getcha!

March Arcade 2015

Yesterday was some full on gacha madness. lol. Sometimes we just need a break from working and organizing things, and generally that’s when we start shooting each other and blowing things up. But not while the Arcade is going on! Not to mention the Gamer Part 2 gacha now at Chapter Four.

So first DJ and I hit up a yardsale looking for a few of the random commons we wanted, or decently priced rares. We found a few but not EVERYTHING, so then DJ of course decides he and his super computer will just head back over to the Arcade itself. And let me tell you, that man has some freaky gacha luck. But ONLY if it’s for something he doesn’t want himself. He managed to grab pretty much everything I wanted, rares and commons. Plus a few things Ell had been trying to get. Anytime he wanted something for himself though? Nah, not happening. We started trying to trick the Gacha Gods by me just declaring that I wanted evurthang. It worked a couple times. Silly gacha gods. 😀 But no, really. At one point he decided to test his luck theory and he went to the What Next machine because I had seen the rare pixie dust helicopter at the yard sale, but decided against getting it because they wan’ted 1k for it.So without telling me, he goes to the actual machine. Plays it ONCE. And immediately gets the Pixie Duster.

Then it’s been a bit of a tradition for Ell and I to take ridiculous Arcade photos together with our loot, and clearly this time DJ would also get to be a part of it. My computer is a piece of shit, so it’s not amazeballs, but I DID manage to turn shadows on for a bit in order to grab this shot. ♥

Incoming Jet Plane!

Sooo alright. Ell and I have been going a little stir crazy lately, just because we’ve had soooo many interviews we’ve been doing the last few days. We’ve hired some amazing girls and it’s been great, but sometimes we start to go a little cross-eyed. And the names all start to blend together.

DJ had to spend most of his day today dealing with a client, and him being away for so long just added to my crazy.

Before one of our interviews we saw there were some noobie afk people near our office. We decided we didn’t want them to be there during the interview, but we didn’t want to eject them either. I mean, afk noobie traffic is still traffic after all.

Initially we decided we’d just try to…MOVE them. I ended up rezzing a platform beneath them and lifting them up into the sky, but that took a while and was pretty minimal progress. So then I tried a cage gun to orbit them. That uh, didn’t work. My cage gun was a freebie. Ahahaha. We have some huds though that were DEFINITELY not free, so we broke them out.

Basically, in the course of everything, these poor noobs ended up being:

• force choked by Ell

• flung through the air by both of us

• orbited. Finally.

• had a, uh. Commercial airliner jet dropped on them.

• generally blown the hell up.

When DJ got back we told him about it and he was at a loss for words. He found my platform thingy and asked what it was and I was like, “Oh that’s the platform I used to lift them in the air!”

….”Lift them…in the air?”

Uh…yeah…before I…blew them….up?

Whoops. Apparently he can’t leave us alone on the sim for an entire day without someone getting a jet dropped on them.

Never a dull moment at Babygirls Escorts. lmao.

The owner, DJ, encourages and supports my random weird ass side. He gives Ell and I silly toys to play with, like the unicorn head, go-karts, scooters…. last night I laughed so hard with him and Ell that I was literally in tears and gave myself a headache. It was fucking magical and probably some of the most fun I’ve had in SecondLife in a while.

I can’t even pretend to understand myself sometimes.

[01:19] Slut FallenSlut Fallen humps your face.
[01:20] Ell Amaterasu: O_O gad dammn
[01:20] Slut FallenSlut Fallen implants her eggs in your nose.
[01:20] Ell Amaterasu: ROFL EWW
[01:20] Ell Amaterasu: I don’t wantcha damn lady eggs in mah nose
[01:21] Slut FallenSlut Fallen duct tapes your nostrils shut.
[01:21] Slut Fallen: O.O
[01:22] Slut Fallen: Carry….. our children Ell.
[01:22] Slut FallenSlut Fallen dies.
[01:22] Ell Amaterasu: ROFLMFAO
[01:22] Ell Amaterasu: IN WHAT MY BRAIN?
[01:22] Slut FallenSlut Fallen comes back from the dead to gasp a raspy, “…yessssszz….”, then dies again.
[01:23] Ell Amaterasu: Gurl when you went to dairy queen and they asked you if you wanted extra salt. You didn’t say yes then give a wink did ja?
[01:24] Slut Fallen: I had burger king.
[01:24] Slut Fallen: I dunno what kinda icing was on the cinnabon dessert though