Rarrrrgh. D:

I know my layout is still sort of screwed up, but I’m a little too annoyed to delve into the process of figuring out why yet. >.<  I have no idea why the date area just says undefined. *sigh* But I'll figure it out eventually! lol. It's probably something stupid.

Annnyways, I wanna rant. Which is nothing new right? I do that all the time here. It’s one of the main reasons I have this here. lol. Sometimes there’s shit about secondlife that annoys the fuck out of me and I don’t really want to put it all over Facebook, and anyone who DOESN’T play SL wouldn’t understand any of it anyways.

So. I’ve been working in a club in SL for a few months now. It’s been fine. I’ve gotten tipped, met a few people and been hired from it a few times. There’s some girls there that I don’t care for, but that’s what happens when women work together. Our personalities just don’t mesh so I don’t really enjoy being around them. No problem. I generally just don’t work when they’re there. It’s pretty easy to avoid people. lol.

Now one of the reasons I came to this club to work is SPECIFICALLY because in the rules it says, and I quote:

★Voice is preferred and allowed here HOWEVER it is NOT required.

Awesome! I can voice sometimes and the times I can’t or aren’t in the mood to, I don’t have to! Right?


I THOUGHT I was right since I’ve been working there for months now. I’ve been in there with and without voice. I’ve had the owners and general manager and other managers in there with me while I was NOT on voice. No one ever said a word. Then today one of them IMs me and says I HAVE to be able to hear voice while working.


REALLY?!? Monnnths later and now you’re telling me I have to hear voice? Months after I’ve been working there and making tips and getting hired and giving you a cut. Months after I’ve been renting a room on your sim because I thought it was a cute idea. Months after, between paying that rent, their cut and my adboard, I’ve given you thousssandsss of Linden, you decide I have to have voice on. FOR FUCK’S SAKE. COME ON.

I get that a lot of people love voice in SL. I know that. But I also know that there are plenty that don’t. I want to be able to voice when I feel like it, but not be required to do it when I don’t. Honestly, 90% of my clients are text only. I’ve had 5 figure days of earning with just text. Multiple times. My emotes are generally well liked. Hell, I know several guys who prefer to not ever use voice because they say it takes them out of the fantasy.

SO if you’re going to REQUIRE voice to be on, maybe you shouldn’t have in your rules that VOICE IS NOT REQUIRED. DOES THAT MAKE FUCKING SENSE TO YOU?

I’m contemplating quitting the club. I dunno. I can go in sometimes with voice when it’s empty I guess. Because last time I had my voice on in there I heard two managers, a girl and a client talking about the most retarded shit. Dog fucking and gay husbands and how they’re practically virgins anyways and just… lots of crude, vulgar things that generally probably shouldn’t be on the club floor. You obviously know I don’t have a problem with crude, vulgar things but a lot of potential clients DO. So unless your club is catering towards those themes, the club floor should be more subdued and seductive than crass and vulgar.


I’ll probably end up quitting.

Comparison to…wut?

This guy tips me and my friend nearly 2k each, then ask for our rates. I don’t even…. wut. And this is after he spent a good 20 minutes trying to make be mean to him and talking about forcing my friend to serve him and not caring about consent.

[03:32] Him: . I wouldn’t hire either of you.. just from comparison..
[03:32] Him: . but you seem like sweet girls..
[03:32] Him: good night.
[03:33]  Ϯ ℒily ĸιттεн Ϯ : That’s fine. I wouldn’t hire you either 😉
[03:33] Him: .. :). and that’s fine by me.
[03:33]  Ϯ ℒily ĸιттεн Ϯ : lol, have a good night 🙂

Random 5am thoughts.

Tirreeeed. D: But I wanted to write down a few things before I pass out, especially since I’ve been so lazy the last few days and haven’t posted. First off, random pic of me at Rouge Brothel tonight.

Earlier I had a guy message me with a few questions about my services, namely if “no limits” meant NO limits. And generally they do. I mean, there are some things I might turn down if it’s something I don’t think I’d be GOOD at doing for them and they’d be better off finding someone with experience. But generally I’m willing to try about anything. So we chat for a while and he tells me the kind of scene and interests he wants to explore and lemme tell you…. the MAJORITY of escorts in SL probably wouldn’t touch those RPs. But I agree to give it a go and he TPs me. Then asks for my rates. I had ASSUMED he had taken my card from Rouge since when he IMed me that’s where he was. But nope. No problem. I pass him my card. And surprise, he says I’m too expensive. And that he knew I wouldn’t be cheap but he thought “not cheap” in Lindens was still less than I charge.

Fine, I hear that a lot. I wish him good luck and TP home. But it just made me laugh a little that he went into all that detail about the kind of scene he wanted and such but never bothered to look at my prices first. lol.

And just the other day I had another guy tell me my prices were reasonable.

Seriously, you are NOT going to get a decent looking girl, who can PROVE she is a girl, that has almost no limits, her own place and all her own sex furniture for the price of some random noob girl. Also, I speak pretty darn good English, am an experienced roleplayer and my emotes are more than decent. You get what you pay for. Ah well.

There was something else I was going to write about but fuck if I remember now.

Oh. Right. Ehhh. I’ll do that tomorrow. I’m tired.

Mild Aggravation.

I was dancing at the club I work at this morning and this guy comes in and tips me. He sits down in a chair at the stage next to me, which was empty, because the chair directly in front of me was taken. When the person sitting there leaves I say to him in local that he can feel free to scoot over and sit closer now if he would like to. Keep in mind he’d already been tipping me and we’d already been talking. He and I joke back and forth a bit and then he moves over and sits with me.

Then I get an IM from the manager that was working there at the moment telling me not to tell people to sit with me.

Uhm. I didn’t? He’d been tipping me so I just let him know that he could sit with me if he wanted to. And I see girls do this ALL the time. The owner, managers, everyone tells guys they are welcome to have a seat. It’s not like I told him to come sit with me when he was just some random guy standing around. He was someone that was already tipping me and interacting with me and I simply let him know that he could sit with me instead of sitting at the empty stage if he wanted to.

I just replied to her and said “k” instead of trying to argue my point, because fuck it. Whatever. But it just got on my nerves a little bit that I got called out when I don’t think I actually did anything wrong. That happens there though. I once got accused of copy/pasting emotes because, and I quote, “no one can type that fast.” Bullshit. Just because you can’t type 80wpm doesn’t mean that no one can.

All in all I really do like the club I work at. But every once in a while something just irks me a bit.

Nice to get out sometimes.

This morning 4Play was under construction as we were moved into the new building, so I had several VIPs IMing me asking “Where’s the club?”. Kovu happened to be one of them and we ended up wandering off to dance together at Sanctuary Rock.

Most of my SL time is spent dancing, escorting or shopping. I hardly every just go hang out with someone anymore. And it was kind of nice to do just that. Moos eventually joined us there too for a wee bit, then when the region restarted Kovu and I ended up going to visit Sats while she was working.

Was just a bit of a relaxing morning. Granted, I was EXHAUSTED since I hadn’t slept yet, but that was ok.