She threw a fit.

Well today was a day.

We had a casual truth or dare event going on tonight. People seemed to be enjoying themselves and things were going well. Girls and guests were having a good time and tips were happening and it was nice. One of the newer hires came in and got on stage. She’d mainly only had freelancing experience before, but I’d felt like she could be good once she learned that things are a bit more structured in the club than they are at freelance sims. So then all of a sudden random people start coming in. Some were naked. Some looked like they were just… out of place. It turns on this girl had been using the SIN tracker to “kidnap” people and force TP them into the club. One of the girls that got kidnapped got angry and started endlessly spamming local, during our event, that we were misusing the SIN tracker hud. It took me a minute to figure out what was even going on. It was just suddenly we had this angry girl spamming local and random naked people wandering around. Thankfully two of the managers were on the floor too and we managed to wrangle all the trouble makers and get that sorted.

Then we turned our attention to the girl that had TPed them in. She logged out of her tipjar but was still standing around. One of the managers IMed her and told her that due to her conduct and disrupting the event and business in general, we wanted to put her on a trainee tag for a week so she could get acclimated to how the club was run. The girl ignored this completely. Wouldn’t acknowledge it. Claimed she only saw “blank space” where the message about it was typed. Then she just stopped replying at all. So, I estate TPed her home. And she lost her shit.

Came back into the club and spammed local and our VIP group about how terrible we were and how the managers and I all acted like we were better than everyone, etc. etc.

This is just par for the course in some ways. Every once in a while you get a girl that just causes trouble. But I think this one bothered me so much because I fought so hard to give her a chance because I felt like she could be good. Literally minutes before this I had been telling the managers that I was willing to give her another chance because I felt like she had potential and could be really good. Then she just… flipped her shit on us. The event had been going well and it was a fun time then just…. immediately the mood dropped, of course. Things are back on track now and we’re certainly not going to miss that ridiculousness, but ugh. That was an experience I could have gone without having tonight.


Beware cheap imitations!

This may be one of the weirdest things that has happened to me in recent memory.

So, occasionally I have people that pretend to be me. It happens. They generally either just take bits and pieces of my profile, pictures, display name, etc. Some try to play it off as if they ARE me and others just use my words/pictures and pretend they did them. Usually it makes me laugh a bit. There was one that impersonated me and tried to con my employees out of money, pretending like they were me and I was in a RL emergency. Thankfully none of them fell for that and that account has since been banned.

Anyways. Yesterday I was standing around on a platform in the sky, as one does, and a girl that used to work for me and now manages another club IMs me. She lets me know that a friend of hers has copy/pasted one of my picks and the only reason they knew she was doing it is because the person in question hadn’t removed my e-mail address. Let’s call the impersonator FAKELILY from here on out.

I get a bit of a laugh out of it and go to look at the profile. Sure enough, one of the picks is directly ripped from my profile. And recently as well since I’d just updated that pick on Friday and my new edits where used. I laughed a bit and clicked another pick. And there was her e-mail. “Send all giftcards to”. I blink.

That’s not my e-mail address. I mean, yes, that IS my SecondLife name, but that is not now, nor has ever been my e-mail address. I never made that or used it. I certainly never typed it out for her to copy since well. It’s not my e-mail address. Then it dawns on me. She must have made it. She made herself an e-mail address…using my SecondLife name. I… what. WHAT?

I do a bit more digging. I send her an e-mail, where she denies having any idea who I am. She forgot to change her name on the e-mail so I looked them up on Facebook. I won’t disclose any RL information on them, but we’ll say I was a bit surprised that their RL Facebook also has my name on it. I look at their SL Facebook profile. It says they work in Vegas, live in Dallas. I was born and raised in Vegas. Live in Dallas.


At this point, it’s creepy but there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s not like my name is copyrighted and there’s nothing I have of them directly claiming to BE me. I did message the owner of the club she works at now, as well as one she is applying to, to let them know about the situation. My concern isn’t that she’s using my pick. Or, was. She has since changed it. But rather that that e-mail addresss uses a name of mine that is fairly well known in some areas of SL. I don’t want people e-mailing her or giving her gifts thinking she is me. I’m not sure what her intent with all of this is. I’m just stumped.


Back Again?


So, hey. It’s been what, close to a year since I wrote? I know, I know. That’s not unusual. I tend to take breaks now and then. But I realized recently that I miss writing. I miss just babbling about nonsense and posting pics and the occasional OOTD. So. Here I am!

2017. Babygirls just recently celebrated our 2nd Anniversary. The club is still going strong, and is better than ever. It’s self sufficient, and then some. We average between 80 and 110 employees, though over the summer at one point we had 130! We have some great ideas we’re going to implement moving forward, and I’m really excited for them. I think it will only improve things ever more!

DJ is…well and completely gone. He contacted me once in the last 6 months or so on Twitter telling me he’s working on his site again and asking if we can do some cross promoting/advertising, but I never heard from him again. Probably for the best since he’s not exactly what I’d call reliable. *shrugs*

We have a Fetish/BDSM party coming up this Friday, which is what the above pic is for, and I hope it goes well. We do themed events every Friday now, with DJ Emi on from 7pm-9pm SLT. And sometimes they’re packed. We’ve had to rez out more tipjars for all the girls!

I’m going to try to update the look of this blog this week too cuz…damn. Its not cute. lol.

Need to get back in the habit of writing

Pastel Elf Lily

I need to get back into the habit of writing! So I’m going to try to at least update every other day. Even if sometimes I don’t have anything overly interesting to say. So get ready for that. You’ve been warned!

Today wasn’t too bad. Daddy was able to be on a lot so we got the majority of the day together today. We put some more work into the revamping of the sim and creating the new Daddy Dom and babygirl Resort area. The entire sim is getting a makeover and I’m really excited for how it’s coming along so far. Still have a ton of work to do, but it’s fine and I think it will have an over all positive affect on the club and the resort.

Indulgence is still going on. I’ll need to blog some of the amazing clothes, furniture and accessories from that fair. There’s some great stuff there and I’ve got a ton of new things that I absolutely love.

We’re definitely in the full time Summer Slump now I think. Clients are a bit fewer and farther between. Summer ALWAYS get so slow for me. Though it does for the majority of the escorts and dancers I know. I guess kids are out of school so less privacy and people actually going OUTSIDE to do stuff. Pfft. Outside.

Over all though? Fairly decent day. Got hired by one of my regulars and then hit up a couple Arcade yard sales. There’s no way I can get into the Arcade yet. I’d crash in no time. lol. I did make a list of things I want though, and eventually it will have stuff to trade once either Daddy or I actually get INTO the Arcade. I’m going to send him most likely. One because his computer can handle it better than mine can AND because he has famously awesome gacha luck, especially if it’s something he’s getting for me. xD

Alright. That’s… that’s all I’ve got for now. It’s 4am and I would like to get up at a decent time tomorrow in case he’s able to be around as much as he was today.

OH. And here, on the off chance, Click HERE for my Arcade want/have list for June 2015.


Today started out pretty good but got kinda….bleh. Woke up this morning and Daddy has gotten the GORGEOUS main store build that I’d fallen in love with forever ago. We’re working on making shoes and tattoos and things. He’s already made a few pairs that have turned out really nice, and my tattoos are always a sort of work in progress sort of thing. lol.

Then he had to go afk for a while and when he was gone some shit hit the fan. Some stuff that I knew was bound to happen sooner or later to be honest. I’m kind of surprised it took this long. lol. And while I don’t really blame anyone because I TOTALLY know where it was coming from, it completely stressed him out. Which of course made me feel bad. And immediately sent me into recovery mode to try and set things right. Which I think I can maybe do. Maybe. I just need to mediate a few things and get a sort of truce called. And in the process ignore how FUCKING FRUSTRATED the situation makes me because it’s better in the long run. Like… even though parts of it piss me the everliving FUCK OFF, ya gotta look at the bigger picture. If that sort of makes sense.

But after that happened he didn’t feel like getting back on. So he probably ended up falling asleep since he stayed up pretty much all day and night up to that point. And now it’s midnight my time, 1am his time, and he’s not been on in like, 6 hours. And I miss him and it fucking sucks because IF he gets up and gets on before I go to bed, we’ll just get a couple hours together. And that means by the time I get up tomorrow he’ll probably be ready to pass out again.

And that just…makes me sad. I’m used to talking to him pretty much constantly all day and not hearing his voice in 6+ hours, and maybe not at all again tonight just…. fucking sucks. And I’m super over emotional the last couple days. Which I know so I can mostly keep mah shit together because I realize I’m all like, emotional and crap. But yeah. I’m….sad.


In good news, we’ve hired a few new girls today and were asked to Beta test a product for Alica Stella Designs, which is pretty awesome. The store is coming along slowly. But I’m really excited about having another project to work on with him. He’s always cute as shit when he gets excited about doing something new.

SBBG Mint Ice Cream Pumps 2

Incoming Jet Plane!

Sooo alright. Ell and I have been going a little stir crazy lately, just because we’ve had soooo many interviews we’ve been doing the last few days. We’ve hired some amazing girls and it’s been great, but sometimes we start to go a little cross-eyed. And the names all start to blend together.

DJ had to spend most of his day today dealing with a client, and him being away for so long just added to my crazy.

Before one of our interviews we saw there were some noobie afk people near our office. We decided we didn’t want them to be there during the interview, but we didn’t want to eject them either. I mean, afk noobie traffic is still traffic after all.

Initially we decided we’d just try to…MOVE them. I ended up rezzing a platform beneath them and lifting them up into the sky, but that took a while and was pretty minimal progress. So then I tried a cage gun to orbit them. That uh, didn’t work. My cage gun was a freebie. Ahahaha. We have some huds though that were DEFINITELY not free, so we broke them out.

Basically, in the course of everything, these poor noobs ended up being:

• force choked by Ell

• flung through the air by both of us

• orbited. Finally.

• had a, uh. Commercial airliner jet dropped on them.

• generally blown the hell up.

When DJ got back we told him about it and he was at a loss for words. He found my platform thingy and asked what it was and I was like, “Oh that’s the platform I used to lift them in the air!”

….”Lift them…in the air?”

Uh…yeah…before I…blew them….up?

Whoops. Apparently he can’t leave us alone on the sim for an entire day without someone getting a jet dropped on them.

Never a dull moment at Babygirls Escorts. lmao.

The owner, DJ, encourages and supports my random weird ass side. He gives Ell and I silly toys to play with, like the unicorn head, go-karts, scooters…. last night I laughed so hard with him and Ell that I was literally in tears and gave myself a headache. It was fucking magical and probably some of the most fun I’ve had in SecondLife in a while.