Height Problems.

So we all know the height in the avatar edit area of SL is pretty fickle. Firestorm will say you’re one thing, SL’s viewer will say another, and there are dozens of various height detectors for sale as well.

My viewer says I’m 5’6, in flat feet, no hover. A few of my height detectors range a bit differently, but are all still generally about the same ballpark.

I TP over to a Lolita sim to check it out and I get a security guy or something IMing me and telling me to “grow up a little”. This is the SECOND time someone there has told me I look like a child. So before going there this time around I actually took care to make sure there was no way my avi could be mistaken for underage. But I mean, I still had pigtails because come onnn. Lolita place? Pigtails? Obviously.

Anyways, he says I’m showing up as being 4’11. I said, “Really??” in a bit of an incredulous manner because…well, REALLY? I tell him what my viewer and height detectors at home had said and that his scanner was waaay different than mine, with an obligatory “lol” thrown in because I wasn’t trying to be a bitch I was just laughing at the ridiculous differences. Then he gets a little snotty like, “Yes, I is better the yours”. That’s a direct quote btw.

At this point I’m just like, screw it. Not worth it, and left.

But come onnnn. Really? Under 5 foot? I don’t think so.



If the ONLY times you IM me or try to talk to me are the times you are emoting ripping off my skirt or some other action or line intended to get some free sex….. you are never, ever going to get to fuck me for free. If you have in the past, you won’t ever again because you’re annoying the shit out of me.

You WILL however get an all expenses paid trip to my block list.

Wanna lick?

While I was trying to decide what Windlight setting to use for this pic there was a random guy wandering around. Eventually he decided to message me.

[06:37] Nosy Guy Resident: hi
[06:37] Slut Fallen: hi
[06:38] Nosy Guy Resident: so you serll ice cream ?
[06:38] Nosy Guy Resident: sell
[06:38] Slut Fallen: lol no, the ice cream is free
[06:39] Nosy Guy Resident: wow
[06:39] Nosy Guy Resident: then what you sell ?
[06:39] Slut Fallen: here? I don’t sell anything at this place
[06:39] Nosy Guy Resident: ok , so where is your store ?
[06:40] Slut Fallen: I don’t have a store.
[06:40] Nosy Guy Resident: hmm, then what you have ?
[06:41] Slut Fallen: I don’t make things to sell. I’m just here to take a picture. I work in adult clubs and sell myself.
[06:41] Nosy Guy Resident: sell yourself ?
[06:41] Slut Fallen: yes
[06:41] Nosy Guy Resident: how much you sell and how much you left 😉
[06:42] Nosy Guy Resident: did you get my joke ?
[06:42] Slut FallenSlut Fallen laughs, “I sell time with myself, where you get to do whatever you want with me. I didn’t come here for that though. I just came here to make a picture.”
[06:43] Nosy Guy Resident: ok
[06:43] Nosy Guy Resident: can i see your picture
[06:43] Nosy Guy Resident: what you are making
[06:43] Slut Fallen: its not done yet
[06:44] Nosy Guy Resident: how you are making picture ?
[06:44] Nosy Guy Resident: you do not have brush in you hand
[06:44] Slut Fallen: Im special
[06:44] Nosy Guy Resident: are making picture with ice cream ?
[06:44] Slut Fallen: yes
[06:45] Nosy Guy Resident: ohh, so can we eat picture when it will complete 😉
[06:47] Slut Fallen: please dont push me. you moved me from the spot I was trying to take the picture in
[06:48] Nosy Guy Resident: oh i just came to see your picture
[06:48] Nosy Guy Resident: i am sorry
[06:48] Slut Fallen: its not done yet
[06:48] Nosy Guy Resident: ok
[06:48] Nosy Guy Resident: what your customers say ?
[06:49] Nosy Guy Resident: what thing is best in you ?
[06:49] Slut Fallen: they like how big my tits are and hot tight my pussy is.
[06:51] Nosy Guy Resident: really , how can i believe, can you show me ?
[06:51] Slut Fallen: no free show and tell.
[06:51] Nosy Guy Resident: and what you do in rl ?
[06:51] Slut Fallen: eat ice cream
[06:52] Nosy Guy Resident: you mean sell ice icream ?
[06:52] Slut Fallen: no, eat.
[06:52] Nosy Guy Resident: i mean what you do for leaving
[06:52] Nosy Guy Resident: living
[06:52] Slut Fallen: eat ice cream
[06:53] Nosy Guy Resident: ahh, so you eat ice cream in competitions ?
[06:54] Nosy Guy Resident: how can i take ice cream ?
[06:55] Slut Fallen: click on the open cooler on that bike and pick a flavor
[06:56] Nosy Guy Resident: ahh it is very cool
[06:56] Nosy Guy Resident: so your pic is complete ?
[06:57]  ** this is where he sent me a friend request after I TPed away*

[06:57] Slut Fallen: no. I took it now I need to edit it
[06:57] Nosy Guy Resident: ok

I will make you feel amazing tonight…I need you now

Apparently this guy thought The Dark Style Fair was a good place to find a quick fuck.

[03:55] Not here to shop: hey
[03:55] Slut Fallen: hello!
[03:55] NHTS: how are you today?
[03:55] NHTS: so beauty in rl..
[03:55] Slut Fallen: Im doing good, you?
[03:55] NHTS: saw your profile phto
[03:56] Slut Fallen: thanks!
[03:56] NHTS: so beauty
[03:56] NHTS: wahts the time in rl?
[03:57] NHTS: i live in seoul, korea
[03:57] Slut Fallen: its 4am for me
[03:57] NHTS: alone in rl?
[03:57] Slut Fallen: no
[03:57] NHTS: friends?
[03:57] Slut Fallen: no. I live with my boyfriend.
[03:58] NHTS: oh ok
[03:58] NHTS: same room?
[03:58] Slut Fallen: yeah. He’s asleep in the bed. Its right next to the desk where I am.
[03:58] NHTS: oh really
[03:58] Slut Fallen: yup.
[03:59] NHTS: I will make you feel amazing tonight…I need you now
[03:59] Slut Fallen: I’m an escort, so I don’t do that for free. You can have my card with my prices though if you’d like.
[03:59] NHTS: oh sorry
[04:00] Slut Fallen: its ok
[04:01] NHTS: sorry
[04:01] Slut Fallen: its fine
[04:04] Slut Fallen: did you come here to hit on girls? lol
[04:04] NHTS: yes
[04:05] Slut Fallen: most girls that come here are probably just here to shop, not go home with a guy
[04:05] NHTS: oh thanks

He stuck around for maybe another 15/20 mins and mostly hung out at the landing point the entire time.

Mild Aggravation.

I was dancing at the club I work at this morning and this guy comes in and tips me. He sits down in a chair at the stage next to me, which was empty, because the chair directly in front of me was taken. When the person sitting there leaves I say to him in local that he can feel free to scoot over and sit closer now if he would like to. Keep in mind he’d already been tipping me and we’d already been talking. He and I joke back and forth a bit and then he moves over and sits with me.

Then I get an IM from the manager that was working there at the moment telling me not to tell people to sit with me.

Uhm. I didn’t? He’d been tipping me so I just let him know that he could sit with me if he wanted to. And I see girls do this ALL the time. The owner, managers, everyone tells guys they are welcome to have a seat. It’s not like I told him to come sit with me when he was just some random guy standing around. He was someone that was already tipping me and interacting with me and I simply let him know that he could sit with me instead of sitting at the empty stage if he wanted to.

I just replied to her and said “k” instead of trying to argue my point, because fuck it. Whatever. But it just got on my nerves a little bit that I got called out when I don’t think I actually did anything wrong. That happens there though. I once got accused of copy/pasting emotes because, and I quote, “no one can type that fast.” Bullshit. Just because you can’t type 80wpm doesn’t mean that no one can.

All in all I really do like the club I work at. But every once in a while something just irks me a bit.