About Babygirls Escorts

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▄▄▄▄ Requirements ▄▄▄▄
• You must be a female AND over 18 in real life, as well as an adult 18+ avatar in actions and appearance.
• We prefer that your avatar be over 30 days old, but we will help train you if you are less and have potential!
• You must be fluent in English. No translators please.
• You must have a decent avatar! If you need help, the girls love to shop!
• Human/furries/nekos/demons….you can be whatever makes you feel sexy! But it is must be well done, high quality, and appear 18+.
• Voice and/or cam escorts MAY be verified. We also reserve the right to voice verify dancers and/or text escorts if we feel we have reason to.
• You must read and be willing to follow all club rules.
• We are not exclusive, but you must NOT be a manager or owner of another escort club.
• Weekly hour requirement is only 2 hours/week! Of course you are welcome to do more.

▄▄▄▄ Incentives ▄▄▄▄
• We offer a safe & friendly environment with a team structure.
• We are not exclusive. [Though you must not manage or own another escort club.]
• We offer various training programs for girls with little experience.
We only take a 5% cut from your tips/escorting fees. Compare this to most other clubs!
• We do not require you to rent an adboard, however if you would like to, you receive yours at a 50% discount, which means you get it for only L$100/wk.
• Exclusive condos available for rent at a discounted price for employees.
• Monthly contest for the Penthouse Suite. Girl with most hours gets a free month rental!
• Weekly L$2.500 bonus to the girl that put in the most hours the previous week.

Babygirls Escorts – Where the babygirls come to play!  ← Application available here!

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