Too many damn people.

The last few weeks have just been… one thing after another. Honestly. First off I fired a girl from the club. Long story, but it was agreed on by all of management and I stand by that choice. But apparently she thought I was firing her to cheat her out of money and even demanded that we pay her for the time she would have had in the Penthouse for putting in the most hours the last month. Erm. No. If you have housing provided for you by your employment and you get fired, you don’t get reimbursed for the time you COULD have been living in their housing for free.

So. She got really mad and it was just a pain in the ass.

Then Indulgence started today so been running around getting that set up. We’re completely revamping the Babygirls sim as well so I’ve been moving and building and creating different parcels.

Then two separate people e-mailing me for various reasons just added to the…fun. Yeah. Fun.

So. I’m not dead. I’m still around and I still have this blog, I’ve just been running around like an idiot trying to get so much stuff done lately. But hopefully once things settle a bit I’ll be back around soon!


2 thoughts on “Too many damn people.

  1. I emailed you to pass on information so there’s no point making it out like it is a drama.

    I am owed something and I want it back.



    1. I wasn’t actually referencing you. I do get more than just 1 e-mail in a week. I passed on the info. I told him you e-mailed me and what you said and that’s all I can do.



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