Sometimes you just need to talk it out.

After my last post I had a conversation with him about how I’ve been feeling lately. He totally understood and we were able to discuss it and he reassured me that none of the things I was concerned about where actually an issue. Not like, in a bad way. Like he didn’t disregard my concerns or anything. We just were able to talk about it and I feel better now.

Sometimes your mind just jumps to the worse case scenarios because you’re… paranoid. lol. Or because you need to mentally prepare yourself in case the worst case IS the case. Luckily in this situation it’s not.

And I feel a lot better. Life gets crazy sometimes. And honestly it makes me happy that I’m able to tell him when something is bothering me and he’ll drop everything to talk to me about it and help me feel better. That really means something to me.

Thank you for the kind comments on my last post. ♥ I really appreciate it!

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