I’m apparently a lot of people.

I’ve had people assume/accuse me of being the same person as Ell before. In that case I can at least understand it because we are joined at the hip. And we shop together so a lot of times we end up with the same outfits.

About a year ago someone at Redlight Escorts accused me of being the alt of some cam girl. Even went so far as to comment on my SL profile page “warning” people about me. No clue why they thought I was that person.

And today, someone thought I was Felicia! And hey, it made me laugh, so here’s that bit of fun.
[14:15] Accuser: alt of Felicia _____, but you will always be a trashy fucked up bitch no matter how hard you try in life.
[14:15] Slut Fallen: Are you saying I’m the alt?
[14:15] Slut Fallen: Or are you saying you’re an alt?
[14:15] Slut Fallen: Proper punctuation helps! 😀
[14:17] Slut Fallen: Also, I’m 100% capable of proving I’m not Felicia butttt thanks for the laugh! Have a lovely day.
[14:17] Accuser: well whatever, I stopped caring 5 minutes ago. have a nice day!
[14:17] Slut Fallen: you too!

So that was entertaining. lol. Then I relogged and when I got back on there were some people in the club spamming particles and pictures of shit nipples and chat spamming the N word. I’m glad Ell was in the club and not me because she can eject faster than I can when there’s a ton of particles. lol. My computer gets a bit laggy and takes a little more effort.

I guess it’s just one of those days when idiots feel like coming out of the wood work!

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