Haaaaaay there.

I’m tired as shit but I’m sitting here waiting to hear back from a girl that asked to have an interview done, so I figured I’d give a brief little update since my most recent posts were just outfits.

Things have been slowly getting back to normal. Even though Daddy still can’t be on as much as he used to, he still at least gets on and I get a little time with him every evening. Tonight was a good night. He was in a much better mood and things are kind of falling into place. I can’t even explain how much I love his voice and just BEING with him, and how happy I am when things are going well for him. Today felt a little bit like things were finally settling down and it was just…such a RELIEF.

I can’t help that sometimes I get a little paranoid. I really try not to but sometimes your own self doubt or fears or whatever can get ahold of you. I don’t know. I still miss him a lot since he isn’t around as much as I had gotten used to, but it makes my whole day brighter when I do get to spend time with him.

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