N • 1o → Lamb MiMi

Lamb MiMi

This isn’t a fancy outfit, or even one with many components, but it’s just adorable. It looks like something I want to wear in RL! I’m a sucker for super soft dresses. Plus, I was super lucky I got into N21 last night. lol. I had to relog and when I got on I decided fuck it, I’d try to get in. I’d failed to earlier. And on my first try, BOOM! N21. I wasn’t expecting to make it in there for a couple more days at least. Of course, now the problem is I didn’t get the Fatpack of this dress, and I want to go back and get a few more of the colors. lol. Oh well. I’ll try again later. 😉

→ W H A T • I M • W E A R I N G ←

Shape // My Own

Body // Maitreya [ btw, if you wear Maitreya, there were several updates for it this week! Make sure you got yours. ]

Head // The Sugar Garden – MiMi

Eyes // Ikon

Hands & Feet // Slink

Hair // Lamb – Haze –  NEW @ N21 [ EXCLUSIVE color, only for N21 and only L$50! ]

Dress // Tres Blah – Chambray Frock @ N21

Shoes // Babygirls – Glittertastic Pumps – COMING SOON @ Babygirls 

Location // Daddy Dom & Babygirl Resort 


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