Spread thin.

I just feel so exhausted today. I don’t know. Yesterday was non-fucking-stop asshattery. I had at least 3 random people call me a cunt. Multiple problems to address in the club. People coming in and being diiiiiiicks and then being treated like diiiiiicks in return. And just…. I feel burnt out on people now. I don’t know what I want to do to make myself feel better either. I don’t even know what I need right now.

I just feel…. tired. Like I need a few hours without having to THINK about anything or answer questions or take care of problems or plan anything or organize anything or pay for anything. Just… 2 or 3 hours of fucking peace maybe.

Preferably with Daddy too of course. I don’t think he can do “nothing” for any length of time though. lol. Which is fine. -I- just want to do nothing for a bit. And preferably be talking to him while doing it.

Or just… something.

I’m just so tired right now.

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