I will smack you if I have to.

Ugh, I got kind of mad today. So, one of the girls from the club quit the other day. She told me that she decided she didn’t want to work in an adult club anymore and I said ok, no problem. I let her know that if she ever decided she wanted to come back she was more than welcome to. It’s not her I’m mad at.

Her friend IMed me today and told me that the reason she quit is because this guy that pops in sometimes “adopted” her and told her he wanted her to quit working for us and he’d find her something “with higher pay”.

FIRST OFF. There isn’t going to be something that pays more. Most adult clubs don’t pay at all. We don’t pay much from the poles and the trivia and the sploder, but it’s something. Which is a whole lot more than nothing. As for tips, no matter where you go that’s going to have good days and bad days. Most clubs would require her to rent an adboard, as well as take a higher cut than the 5% we take. Combine those with not getting paid, and you aren’t going to make as much as you do at Babygirls.

Daddy, Ell and I spend a LOT of time, money and effort into making our club a welcoming, safe place for girls to be themselves and have fun. We have far fewer rules than most places. We don’t require you to work as many hours, or rent an adboard. We don’t dictate how you have to look or what your shape needs to be like. We don’t tell you when you have to come in. We want it to be a place you ENJOY going to, as well as one where you can make some money. With the tiny bit we take from the jars and all the incentives we offer, there isn’t going to be a club where she is guaranteed to make more.

As for doing something besides dancing, there isn’t a lot of ways to make good money in SL. Hosts don’t make much, if anything. DJs can kind of make some, but there are a million and one DJs in SL, and some are really quite amazing. Someone starting out isn’t going to do as well. Content creators obviously can make a decent SL living, but only if you’ve got talent and patience. And it’s going to take money to upload the textures or the mesh models or WHATEVER it is you need to create something.

So. Let’s leave the “higher pay” part of this behind because clearly, that’s a load of bull. The part that really annoyed me the most is this is a guy I’ve known for a while. We lost touch, but I’d met him years ago on his old account. And it ANGERED me that he would tell this girl that he would find her someplace better when we put SO MUCH into taking care of our girls and trying to help them out. And I’ll admit, I sort of took it personally even though I know it wasn’t intended to be that way. I actually give a shit about the girls that come to work in the club and I want to see them succeed and enjoy themselves. Which is why if someone wants to quit, I won’t hold it against them. I want them to do what makes them happy. But him making it sound like….I dunno. Like we don’t care or something just pissed me the hell off. And, I left him an offline about it actually. lol. Might not have been the best idea, but I needed to get it off my chest. Which is why I’m even writing about it now. Even though I know I can’t really express in words how it made me feel and WHY it made me feel like that.

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