Movie night!


Tonight was much needed I think. ♥ We’ve been so busy lately with club stuff and setting up the shoe store and just maintaining two sims in general that sometimes we don’t really take time out to just BE.

Yesterday we have a gun/explosion battle for the first time in a while and I laughed so hard it hurt.

Then tonight after we spent some time on a gaming sim and Ell and I did some shopping, we got together in my skybox to watch a movie. And like Daddy said, technology is awesome. Three people in three different places in the world, watching a movie together. 😀 It was nice just to be able to virtually cuddle with him and relax. We watched American Sniper because he’d been wanting to see it, and so had I. And ya know, I really enjoyed it. Not just because it was a good movie, but because the three of us watched it together. It was…relaxing. Even though that is DEFINITELY not a “relaxing” movie. lol. It was still enjoyable. Plus I got to use the super comfy looking recliner that I bought at FaMeshed yesterday. xD

We definitely need to have more movie nights in the future as well. I love working on things with him but it’s nice to just BE sometimes too. Though I start getting restless after a while if I don’t have anything to work on. I was actually at a bit of a loss the other night because I didn’t have enough new shoes to take pictures of, and I’d already finished the marketplace listings. lol. But he reminded me I wanted to redo the private skyboxes and set those up, so next time my hands start to get restless and I need to WORK on something, I can get those going. Woooo. I like having things to work on.

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