When words fail.

Music Speaks

Sneaky pic while he’s asleep. xD I’m finally starting to get tired so I’ll probably head to bed soon, but I feel a bit like writing tonight. Even though the words are sort of jumbled in my brain right now… but hey, in case my words fail, there’s going to be music to speak. xD

I TP’d to the club, and I use a LM to take me right behind the DJ booth instead of the landing point, and it occurred to me how ridiculous I am sometimes. Because just seeing his avi can make me smile. Hearing his voice is one of the highlights of my day. Even though we talk for hours a day there are moments when something he says, just the tone of his voice or the sound of his laugh still takes my breath away and gives me a stupid grin. When he gets excited about figuring out how to do something new. When I can hear his smile. Even when I can hear him roll his eyes at something ridiculous Ell or I say. When I do something silly and I can hear him basically just blink and smile before shaking his head and telling me I’m silly or cute.

I love how more often than not we know exactly what they other one is thinking or going to say. How he can always tell what sort of mood I’m in. How if something is bothering me, even something as little as how shitty my computer is, he takes the time out to distract me or calm me or make me laugh. He’s supportive of anything and everything I might want to do. We can plan things together and work amazingly well together. His good morning and good night texts never fail to make me smile.

We’ve talked about almost anything and everything. I love when he tells me things about him. I love that he cares about hearing things about me. He finds silly things that he’ll get me to make me laugh and smile, and I know I’ve helped him through a few rough days. And I love that. I love going to sleep knowing that I helped him have a better day. I like knowing I can make him smile and help him relax. I like when he tells me that he needs to hear my voice. Or that he misses me when he’s away for work.

Basically it all comes down to there’s a million things about him that just make every day I spend with him better than the last. Even when sometimes one of us is having a rough time and is in a bad mood.

I even like the times when we’re in a call but we’re both sort of doing our own things. He’s watching TV and I’m dancing or watching something on my own but we still are WITH one another the best we can be at the moment. And we still chat but are comfortable being with each other quietly for a little while too. I like the way he sings to himself when he’s working on things, and sometimes he doesn’t notice. I like when he falls asleep on mic, and half wakes up long enough to mumble a couple words, then pass back out. I like the way he loves me. And the way I love him.

I want my cake and I want to eat it too
I want to have fun and be in love with you
I know that I’m a mess with my long hair and my suntan, short dress, bare feet
I don’t care what they say about me, what they say about me
Because I know that it’s L.O.V.E.
You make me happy, you make me happy
And I never listen to anyone
Let them all say

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