Mean Comments Meme


This week’s Monday Meme is about Mean Comments. You can see Strawberry Singh’s post about it HERE. Her post goes much more in depth than mine on cyber-bullying as a whole.

o1.] Have you ever been subjected to mean comments online by strangers? If not, skip to #5. 

Oh ABSOLUTELY. It’s a common occurrence. And I’m not just talking about on SL. In other online games, blogs, on different websites. It’s an almost weekly thing sometimes. In SL particularly though I get a lot of things said about me. Whether it’s because I’m an escort or just because I don’t tend to put up with much bullshit. Or because of who I’m dating. Or God knows whatever other reasons. It’s not just from men either. Women sometimes can be more cruel. There’s a million and one rumors going around about me, especially lately with Babygirls starting to get more known.

o2.] How did you respond to them?

This sort of depends on the situation and my mood. Sometimes I just ignore it. Especially if I can tell the person is just trying to get a rise out of me. Sometimes if I’m bored I’ll play along. Like if someone calls me fat I might reply with “OMG THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME I HAD NO IDEA!” or something along those lines. Like, seriously. I know I’m fat. Thanks. It’s not hurtful. lol. But if they persist and I get tired of dealing with them, there’s always the block button.

o3.] How did they make you feel?

Sometimes they’re hurtful. Especially if they come out of no where or you stumble across something when you’re already in a bad mood. Generally though IF they hurt me or insult me it lasts for a little while and then I try to shrug it off. Or laugh it off. Thankfully with Ell and Daddy I can talk to them if something bothers me and they’ll make me laugh in no time.

04.] Can you share some of the mean comments you’ve received and your thoughts on them?

There’s one that happened ages ago but it still sticks out in my memory. A guy I had a bit of a past with has been known to harass me from time to time. Sometimes creating alts in order to reach me when he was blocked. And I remember one time he IMed me out of the blue and all he said was, “Bitch. Why haven’t you killed yourself yet? Don’t you know you’re useless as shit?”  In retrospect it makes me laugh. And it didn’t even hurt me for long. But just getting that IM out of the blue was a bit like a sucker punch.

Here’s a convo from just a couple days ago, with the person’s identity hidden of course:

[00:15] HIM: bcs is impossible try search a logic part on a woman
[00:15] HIM: they only know suck dicks and fcuk like bitches
[00:16] Slut Fallen: Yeah, I’m an AMAZING dick sucker.
[00:16] HIM: ik
[00:16] HIM: u are bich
[00:16] HIM: and fat on rl
[00:16] HIM: 😉
[00:16] Slut Fallen: yep!
[00:16] Slut Fallen: If I sat on you I’d probably break your bones.
[00:16] HIM: ofc
[00:17] HIM: even be far away is can be dangerous
[00:17] HIM: u need a planert for life
[00:17] Slut Fallen: a what?

This happened because one of the girls at the club had complained that he was stalking and harassing her, so I banned him from the sim and refused to let him back in.

o5.] Have you ever ridiculed or negatively commented on someone else’s work, actions or personality with the intention to hurt them?

Yes. There have been times in my life when someone has made me angry or upset me and I wasn’t thinking clearly. I’ve said things intended to make the other person feel bad. Especially if they had made me feel bad first. I’m in no way saying that it’s excusable, I’m just saying that at the time I’ve been emotional enough to rationalize it to myself.


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