Today started out pretty good but got kinda….bleh. Woke up this morning and Daddy has gotten the GORGEOUS main store build that I’d fallen in love with forever ago. We’re working on making shoes and tattoos and things. He’s already made a few pairs that have turned out really nice, and my tattoos are always a sort of work in progress sort of thing. lol.

Then he had to go afk for a while and when he was gone some shit hit the fan. Some stuff that I knew was bound to happen sooner or later to be honest. I’m kind of surprised it took this long. lol. And while I don’t really blame anyone because I TOTALLY know where it was coming from, it completely stressed him out. Which of course made me feel bad. And immediately sent me into recovery mode to try and set things right. Which I think I can maybe do. Maybe. I just need to mediate a few things and get a sort of truce called. And in the process ignore how FUCKING FRUSTRATED the situation makes me because it’s better in the long run. Like… even though parts of it piss me the everliving FUCK OFF, ya gotta look at the bigger picture. If that sort of makes sense.

But after that happened he didn’t feel like getting back on. So he probably ended up falling asleep since he stayed up pretty much all day and night up to that point. And now it’s midnight my time, 1am his time, and he’s not been on in like, 6 hours. And I miss him and it fucking sucks because IF he gets up and gets on before I go to bed, we’ll just get a couple hours together. And that means by the time I get up tomorrow he’ll probably be ready to pass out again.

And that just…makes me sad. I’m used to talking to him pretty much constantly all day and not hearing his voice in 6+ hours, and maybe not at all again tonight just…. fucking sucks. And I’m super over emotional the last couple days. Which I know so I can mostly keep mah shit together because I realize I’m all like, emotional and crap. But yeah. I’m….sad.


In good news, we’ve hired a few new girls today and were asked to Beta test a product for Alica Stella Designs, which is pretty awesome. The store is coming along slowly. But I’m really excited about having another project to work on with him. He’s always cute as shit when he gets excited about doing something new.

SBBG Mint Ice Cream Pumps 2


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