Drama LLama

I shouldn’t go into too much detail on this probably but, meh. I’m annoyed.

So last night after the St. Patrick’s Day party a bunch of us were still in the club. Daddy had already gone to sleep and there were a couple guys around. One of our girls came in and apparently had been drinking. She started some drama with a couple of guys. Basically from what the first one told me she came in and was mad that he was sitting with someone else and called him a “fucking liar” and all this crap, even though he claims earlier in the day she had made it quite clear to him that she only liked him as a client.

The second guy I didn’t know about till someone else messaged me, and I called Ell in for back up. She talked to him some and from what I can gather there, the girl got mad at him because he didn’t say hi to her when she came in, even though he was clearly not afk.

She eventually messaged me and said she had pissed the 2nd guy off somehow and was telling me how she was overemotional and didn’t want to cry. I told her that maybe she should just head out of the club for the night and calm down. I didn’t want her to cry either, and if she left to relax some we could discuss it all later. Eventually she agreed and she left. I didn’t tell her to leave or get mad at her. I just said that if she was feeling upset that maybe she should distance herself for a little while and collect herself and I would talk to the guy.

Today someone else IMed me and asked if the girl still worked here. I checked the staff, and no. She had quit. And honestly? I’m kinda annoyed by that. She came in and was the one starting issues. I had one guy say that maybe he would just not come back to the club. We had two GOOD guys that are fun to be around AND actually tip/hire upset by her, and still all I said to her was maybe she shouldn’t be there while she was upset. And she quit without so much as a word? UGH.

I was planning on talking to her today when I saw her log on, and I never did because as I found out later, of course she deleted me from her friends list as well. So. That’s what my trying to be nice and talk to her when she was sober got me. I’m sad to see her go because she was a fun person and a great dancer, but really, if her causing problems and me suggesting she NOT made her leave…. well. If it hand’t been this it would have been something else. She’s working at another club now, and I wish her, AND them, the best of luck with that situation. 


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