BGE’s First Erotic Storytime


We had our first of a bi-weekly Erotic Storyime event tonight. I wish I had thought to take a picture during the first story rather than the last one, because we actually had quite a decent turn out, especially for it being our first! We were missing a few of the girls that had planned to read, so I ended up filling in and reading a story. And guh, I am stupid shy on voice.

For real, for being such a massive slut, I am stupid shy. Voicing can be hard for me when I need to say things. lol. When I get hired it…depends. Like, guys that want something I’m not into, it’s easier for me. But I get SUPER SHY when it’s a Dominant man, especially if it’s for a Daddy type scenario. And reading erotica in front of people had me SO FLUSTERED. I felt all hot from blushing and it was ridiculous. But still, it went well and it seemed like everyone there really enjoyed it.

Oh God, and the shy thing… I still even get shy with DJ with certain things. But… with him I sort of LIKE being shy sometimes too. It’s hard to explain. But I like the bit of coaxing and… yeah. I shouldn’t think about it too much right now. lmao. But I’m certainly a strange hybrid of slutty as fuck and shy as fuck. xD

Over all, the club has been doing really well lately. We’ve had a higher caliber of girls coming in to apply and much fewer dead periods. Today was a tad slow, but I’m going to blame Daylight Savings. People probably tired from losing an hour of sleep. lol

Speaking of, I should TRY to go to bed at a decent time tonight. Or, at least before 4am for once.

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