Gachas gonna getcha!

March Arcade 2015

Yesterday was some full on gacha madness. lol. Sometimes we just need a break from working and organizing things, and generally that’s when we start shooting each other and blowing things up. But not while the Arcade is going on! Not to mention the Gamer Part 2 gacha now at Chapter Four.

So first DJ and I hit up a yardsale looking for a few of the random commons we wanted, or decently priced rares. We found a few but not EVERYTHING, so then DJ of course decides he and his super computer will just head back over to the Arcade itself. And let me tell you, that man has some freaky gacha luck. But ONLY if it’s for something he doesn’t want himself. He managed to grab pretty much everything I wanted, rares and commons. Plus a few things Ell had been trying to get. Anytime he wanted something for himself though? Nah, not happening. We started trying to trick the Gacha Gods by me just declaring that I wanted evurthang. It worked a couple times. Silly gacha gods. 😀 But no, really. At one point he decided to test his luck theory and he went to the What Next machine because I had seen the rare pixie dust helicopter at the yard sale, but decided against getting it because they wan’ted 1k for it.So without telling me, he goes to the actual machine. Plays it ONCE. And immediately gets the Pixie Duster.

Then it’s been a bit of a tradition for Ell and I to take ridiculous Arcade photos together with our loot, and clearly this time DJ would also get to be a part of it. My computer is a piece of shit, so it’s not amazeballs, but I DID manage to turn shadows on for a bit in order to grab this shot. ♥


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