Incoming Jet Plane!

Sooo alright. Ell and I have been going a little stir crazy lately, just because we’ve had soooo many interviews we’ve been doing the last few days. We’ve hired some amazing girls and it’s been great, but sometimes we start to go a little cross-eyed. And the names all start to blend together.

DJ had to spend most of his day today dealing with a client, and him being away for so long just added to my crazy.

Before one of our interviews we saw there were some noobie afk people near our office. We decided we didn’t want them to be there during the interview, but we didn’t want to eject them either. I mean, afk noobie traffic is still traffic after all.

Initially we decided we’d just try to…MOVE them. I ended up rezzing a platform beneath them and lifting them up into the sky, but that took a while and was pretty minimal progress. So then I tried a cage gun to orbit them. That uh, didn’t work. My cage gun was a freebie. Ahahaha. We have some huds though that were DEFINITELY not free, so we broke them out.

Basically, in the course of everything, these poor noobs ended up being:

• force choked by Ell

• flung through the air by both of us

• orbited. Finally.

• had a, uh. Commercial airliner jet dropped on them.

• generally blown the hell up.

When DJ got back we told him about it and he was at a loss for words. He found my platform thingy and asked what it was and I was like, “Oh that’s the platform I used to lift them in the air!”

….”Lift them…in the air?”

Uh…yeah…before I…blew them….up?

Whoops. Apparently he can’t leave us alone on the sim for an entire day without someone getting a jet dropped on them.

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