Sometimes things are hard.

For the most part I have been happier in SecondLife recently than I have been in years. I’m working in a great place. I make plenty to be able to pay my tier and shop. My photography business has increased like, a million times over. Which isn’t actually that much when you know how much I USED to get hired to do. Anyways.

Overall… things are wonderful and I can’t think of a time when I’ve been genuinely this happy.

But sometimes things still get hard. Even when your brain knows something, your heart doesn’t always want to agree. And tonight I don’t really know which side is in the lead.

And I’m being cryptic. I know, I’m sorry.

I guess part of it is that there’s always going to be a chance that the logical side is wrong. Or at least, mildly wrong.

The emotional side kind of feels like…. buh right now. It can’t even really be put into words. I just feel… vaguely



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