Probably unrelated events, but hey, I smiled.

I know this is going to make me sound like a catty bitch, but hey, sometimes I AM a catty bitch so it’s ok.

Every where you work there’s always going to be some people you don’t like. I think that’s even more true when you’re a woman working with only woman, like in an SL adult club. There are NUMEROUS girls that work at this club that I don’t particularly care for, for whatever reasons. And I don’t try to cause drama or anything intentionally. If I’m working at the same time as they are, I just mind my own business, though I generally try to just avoid them completely for my own sake.

Some of them are just obnoxious and rude. And earlier today I came in while one of them was dancing and getting tipped by a guy. I got on the stage on the opposite side of the room and didn’t even say hello. I decided to let the girls that were talking to him just keep going without me interrupting to say hi to everyone. Within minutes of being on stage the guy had tipped the girl I don’t like 2 or 3 times. Good for her.

Then he tipped me too. I was a bit surprised since I hadn’t even said hi, but I emoted him. Within like 2 minutes he IMs me and asks for my card. She announced she was leaving, and then he hired me. xD


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