Height Problems.

So we all know the height in the avatar edit area of SL is pretty fickle. Firestorm will say you’re one thing, SL’s viewer will say another, and there are dozens of various height detectors for sale as well.

My viewer says I’m 5’6, in flat feet, no hover. A few of my height detectors range a bit differently, but are all still generally about the same ballpark.

I TP over to a Lolita sim to check it out and I get a security guy or something IMing me and telling me to “grow up a little”. This is the SECOND time someone there has told me I look like a child. So before going there this time around I actually took care to make sure there was no way my avi could be mistaken for underage. But I mean, I still had pigtails because come onnn. Lolita place? Pigtails? Obviously.

Anyways, he says I’m showing up as being 4’11. I said, “Really??” in a bit of an incredulous manner because…well, REALLY? I tell him what my viewer and height detectors at home had said and that his scanner was waaay different than mine, with an obligatory “lol” thrown in because I wasn’t trying to be a bitch I was just laughing at the ridiculous differences. Then he gets a little snotty like, “Yes, I is better the yours”. That’s a direct quote btw.

At this point I’m just like, screw it. Not worth it, and left.

But come onnnn. Really? Under 5 foot? I don’t think so.

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