Hello December.

December is going to take all of my Lindens. I swear. Ok wait, picture first, then we’ll go through all the freakin’ events that are happening right now. If nothing else so I can at least remember where my money went to at the end of the month.

Photo taken at The Bay.

Ok, so I already went to Uber because I absolutely needed this hair from Little Bones. I got the group gift of it and immediately needed the fatpack. I actually whipped out the LetMeIn HUD so I could get it on the first day instead of waiting till an event wasn’t packed full like I usually try to do. I miiiiight go back for the shoes from Reign, but I dunno.

Speaking of Reign, I have to get to FaMeshed at some point to get the shoes they put out there because they are amazzzzing. I’ll wait a bit to fight that lag though. I bought a bunch of shoes from Moda this week, so I can hold off a bit.

Already went to the anniversary round of Suicide Dollz, but will likely go back at some point in case I missed something in all the lag.

There’s various Winter fairs and sales going on that I’ll get to sometime this month.

And of course, the big one. The Arcade. I am a gacha FIEND. I will spend thousands there, I’m sure of it. But it’s one that I will definitely wait a little bit to try to get into. Everytime I manage to actually make it on the sim during the first few days my computer has IMMEDIATELY crashed. Gives me time to save up so I can go for those rares I need. >.>

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