Ahhh this annoyed me at first, but there’s no stopping it, so I’ve just gotta laugh it off.

I’m a profile stalker. Always have been. When I’m bored or standing around somewhere I look at profiles of people around me. If someone on my friend list changes their display name, I look at their profile. If I haven’t talked to them in a while, I look at their profile. You get the idea.

Anyways, there’s a girl I know that’s starting her own club. And whatever, more power to her. Clubs are hard sometimes but if she wants to do it, go for it. I look at her profile and she’s got a section for her rules for being hired for her services.

And 90% of it is copy/pasted from my escort card. BUT. You can tell which 10% she added because all of her additions have spelling and grammatical errors. HAH.

This is nothing new really. I see my notecards and my words pop up all the time. I was working at this one club for a while as a manager years ago, then left for a while. When I went back a year or so later they asked me to apply to be manager again and gave me an application. And it was still the manager application I had made the year previous. Sometimes I look at a club notecard and the words and formatting looks super familiar and I’ll check the properties of the card. It’s not always an edited one of mine, but it occasionally it. Same with escorting cards.

And like I said, it can’t really be STOPPED, so whatever. I guess it’s flattering that people think my cards and words are put together well enough to steal. *laughs*

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