She a stupid ho.

This is a thought that I’ve been mulling over in my mind on and off for a while. And to be quite honest, it’s something that I think can definitely apply to SL and RL.

Why is it generally assumed that being a slut means a person isn’t intelligent? Or somehow inherently “bad”?

I’ve gotten a lot of comments on my SecondLife name over the 4 years I’ve been using this avatar. I’ve been denied employment in clubs because of it. They wanted a “classier” image and my name didn’t fit in. Alright, whatever works. I’ve had people exclude me from non-sexual activities and god forbid I accidentally end up somewhere PG or family friendly. I got told off once on a Moderate sim that didn’t allow escorting. I wasn’t there TO escort. I was there because a friend wanted to show me a train they had set up there.

All of these things were issues I expected from my SL name, but I just laugh them off because hey, I get it. My name is Slut and not everyone is comfortable with that. My display name is different for a reason. A lot of people have told me they aren’t comfortable calling me slut and I’m more than ok with that. In fact sometimes it’s almost jarring to me now when someone I don’t know uses it because I sometimes forget it’s my name. My FAVORITES though are the ones that ask me if it’s ok they call me slut, or if I mind it. And I always have to laugh and say, “Well, I gave myself that name so….”

Anyways, getting sidetracked. Clearly my having the name “Slut” and being an escort in SecondLife and well, just all around SLUTTY in general hasn’t had a negative impact on my intelligence.

In RL I’ve been promiscuous as well. My RL BF and I enjoy threesomes and gangbangs. I met him because he was one of my 1,000+ followers of my RL sex blog and to paraphrase, he started talking to me because he fell in love with my wet pussy. THOUSANDS of people have seen the RL me naked. I couldn’t even give you a precise number of how many cocks have been in my mouth. Or even the name of all the men I’ve slept with. And disclaimer, I’ve always been safe/sane/consensual, been tested, used condoms, all the normal things people balk at when I say I’ve been just as much of a slut in RL as in SL.

But those things are my choice to do. It’s my choice if I want to show off my tits. Or if I want to fuck 5 men in a night. My RL BF and I have a strong, stable relationship. We live together and we tell each other everything. I don’t cheat on him. We’re comfortable and happy with our relationship, and he loves that I’m a slut. And I love it too.

But look…. even after having dozens of cocks in me…. I’m still able to coherently write and express myself! I still received an excellent education. I still graduated high school with an A average. I still got scholarships to college. I’m still a classically trained musician. And I’m still a slut.

Enjoying being a “slut” and being intelligent are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Nor is being a slut my entire personality. Of course I like male attention. And female for that matter. I enjoy sexually charged conversations and roleplay. I enjoy SEX. I also enjoy cooking. And writing. And spending time with loved ones. And watching geeky tv shows and playing video games. Being a self proclaimed, and proud, slut is not the entirety of my being. And if I’m happy with the way I am, and I’m not affecting your life at all, then who are you to judge me for it? You may have your preconceived notions of stupid sluts and dumb whores, and I understand. But you might want to reconsider it, just a tad.

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