*head desk*

I was helping this guy decorate his giant sim sized manor, for FREE I might add, just because I like decorating. I was using items already in my inventory since he didn’t give me any shopping money and I wasn’t about to spend my money buying stuff for his house.

He’s always kind of bugged me, especially when he tries to order me around like he knows me. But after I decorated 3 or so rooms for him, he just stopped talking to me at all. Which I didn’t mind too much. I’d briefly considered going back to his manor and picking up my items, but I figured I’d leave them be since they were pretty much all C/M items.

Then tonight he decides he’s ready to [ kind of? ] talk to me again. It’s been at least a month, maybe more, since the last time I went to his manor.

[03:16] Decorating Impaired: what are you up to ?
[03:17] Slut Fallen: Checking out the new round of fameshed
[03:17] Decorating Impaired: huh ?
[03:17] Slut Fallen: a shopping thing
[03:17] Decorating Impaired: i need to finish decorating
[03:17] Slut Fallen: you still haven’t finished?
[03:18] Decorating Impaired: you said you woudl help
[03:18] Decorating Impaired: I don’t do it on my own
[03:18] Decorating Impaired:I get females tod o it
[03:18] Slut Fallen: I did! I worked on three or four rooms.
[03:18] Decorating Impaired: My place would looka  mesh
[03:18] Decorating Impaired: if I tried
[03:18] Decorating Impaired: lol
[03:19] Slut Fallen: I did several rooms. Then you just sorta stopped talking to me so I figured you were done decorating.
[03:21] Decorating Impaired: come here *He TPed into FaMeshed, landing right in front of me*
[03:21] Slut Fallen: where?
[03:21] Decorating Impaired: right next to you
[03:21] Slut Fallen: Im like, almnost right behind you.
[03:24] Decorating Impaired:c omming ? * I have no idea where he was. I was lagging bad so just camming around *
[03:27] Slut Fallen: Where?

And then I TPed home.

It’s been about 20 minutes since then and he still hasn’t told me where he had wanted me to go. Or maybe he was just trying to ask if I was having a shopping induced orgasm.

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