You keep using that word…..

I do not think it means what you think it means.

Errrg. Guy IMs me tonight and asks if I would be willing to blow him in IMs while his wife was asleep. I say I don’t do it for free and he says he’ll pay me L$500 to RP Chun Li blowing him.

Now, 500 is quite a bit less than I normally charge. But I decided screw it. It’s just in IMs and it’s not something I’ve done before. I’m not fully sure how to be Chun Li giving a blow job but I’ll go for it. I clarify that it is just in IMs and he says yes, he loves ParaRP. Alright. Cool. Let’s do this.

He pays me the 500L and emotes leaning against his desk and unzipping his pants and saying that it’d better be the sluttiest Chun Li ever.

I start emoting.

Slut Fallen smiles, sinking to her knees gracefully. Her short skirt riding up her powerful thighs as she does. Without a word she reaches eagerly for your cock, slender hand slipping in to grasp your shaft firmly in her grip.
Wants to bang Chun Li: *smirking down at her, his cock growing in her hnad* Its a good start..
Slut Fallen licks her lips, feeling the firmness against her fingers, pulling you free from your pants. Looking up at you and flashing a bit of a playful wink, her strong grip squeezing your shaft before she leans in to drag her tongue firmly across the head
WTBCL: ALright, want you to really convince me Im getting blown by Chun, come on..
WTBCL: I want her swallowing my cock..
Slut Fallen: not at all interested in paraRP foreplay I see.
Slut Fallen: fine [ at this point I started typing up an emote about shoving him back on his desk and taking all of his cock, but his next message came before I’d finished it and what he said annoyed me. This is when I decided to say fuck it, I’m not gonna do this RP. ]
WTBCL: Paying you to service me..
WTBCL: I want a slutty ass Chun Li, come on..
Slut Fallen: ok, yes, but you didn’t tell me you wanted me to just slam your dick in my mouth. You said you liked paraRP, so I was gigving you para RP.
WTBCL: I do, I like detailed descriptions..
Slut Fallen: and that’s what I was doing. If I’m not your style of para RP then I will refund your 500L and wish you luck.
WTBCL: Just want Chun blowing me, is that so tough? lol
Slut Fallen: apparently for me it is. Sorry I can’t seem to do your particular kind of paraRP since my emotes weren’t what you wanted. Good luck finding someone who can do it to your satisfaction.

And I did return his 500L.

I mean, sure, I probably could have just started slamming his dick down my throat but I was annoyed and it wasn’t really worth the 500L. When he said paraRP and started by unzipping his fly I assumed he wanted…. I dunno, R FREAKING P. I can give detailed descriptions about his cock in my throat but if he had wanted it to start there or go immediately there, he should have told me. Otherwise I was going to paraRP the whole scene because he said he liked paraRP. Then he just sorta irked me. I mean, it’s not like he was giving me any sort of RP to go off of on his end.

He didn’t say anything else after my last message and I removed him from my friends list. He wasn’t terrible or anything, just pushed my buttons in the wrong way and the amount I was getting for it wasn’t enough to make me suck it up. No pun intended.

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