Are you an escort?

I think I’m going to start posting every time I get this question. And I’d like to add the first pick in my profile is also about my being an escort.

Sometimes when I’m working on pictures or watching tv or just plain tired enough I might doze off, I go to freelance sims instead of working in the club. Mainly because if I fall asleep I don’t want to ignore people coming into a club. But if I fall asleep at a freelance sim then I generally get woken up by the sound of the IM. And if I don’t, it’s not a huge deal.

Anyways, this is a thing that gets asked on a regular basis. This time it was at Redlight Escorts.

[16:43] B____: heya
[16:44] Slut Fallen: hi 🙂
[16:44]  B____: how r u babe/?
[16:44] Slut Fallen: not bad, yourself?
[16:45]  B____: good thanks
[16:45]  B____: do u escort babe?
[16:47] Slut Fallen: yep, it’s why I’m wearing an escort tag on an escort sim. lol xD
[16:48]  B____: hey ive mey plenty of girls that have a tag like that,whom only like hanging around these types of places lol……do u cam at all?
[16:49] Slut Fallen: that seems pointless. lol. I’ve never known a girl with an escort tag on an escort sim to NOT be a escort. haha. But no, sorry, I don’t cam.


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