Comparison to…wut?

This guy tips me and my friend nearly 2k each, then ask for our rates. I don’t even…. wut. And this is after he spent a good 20 minutes trying to make be mean to him and talking about forcing my friend to serve him and not caring about consent.

[03:32] Him: . I wouldn’t hire either of you.. just from comparison..
[03:32] Him: . but you seem like sweet girls..
[03:32] Him: good night.
[03:33]  Ϯ ℒily ĸιттεн Ϯ : That’s fine. I wouldn’t hire you either 😉
[03:33] Him: .. :). and that’s fine by me.
[03:33]  Ϯ ℒily ĸιттεн Ϯ : lol, have a good night 🙂


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