Pft, fine then.

I usually don’t mind getting unfriended by people. And if it’s someone I don’t talk to at least once a week I might not even notice for…..ages. If ever. Generally I figure if people don’t want to talk to me, and we never really hang out or talk, then sure. Unfriend me. I unfriend people all the time. Generally when I look at their name and realize I either don’t remember who they are -OR- I can’t remember the last time we even spoke to one another.

But today I went to IM someone I had just talked to on Friday. We were on the same RP sex sim and had met each other months ago at a club we were both working at the time. We hung out and chatted a bit Friday morning and I told him a bit about RL. Namely how I don’t drive because I don’t like it. It gives me panic attacks and I hate it so I don’t do it. I also mentioned how I don’t have a bank account because I don’t have a job. He made a comment about how I’m dependent on my BF. And I am, I know that. But there are LOTS of reasons I have panic attacks and several health reasons why I don’t have a job. I didn’t tell him about those though because they’re super personal. Then I crashed while I had gone afk to make something to eat. When I came back and saw I’d crashed I just went and laid down since I hadn’t slept yet that day.

So, this morning I got a house on the RP sim and I went to send him an offline and tell him we’re pretty much neighbors now…. and he’d unfriended me.

Like, da fuck? I think this one bothers me because I’d actually opened up to him a little bit on Friday about my RL, which he was asking about btw, and then he decided he doesn’t want shit to do with me anymore? Well fuck right off then. I’m sorry if my RL circumstances, which you know next to NOTHING about, or my crashing makes you want to not be my friend anymore you can seriously bite me.

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