I hate height detectors. I mean, I get they’re useful. And I don’t want child avatars running around on adult sims. But it’s still annoying that I get sent home by them. D: My avatar does NOT look underage. I’m just SL short/RL Normal sized. I know, I know, it’s easier and more fair to have a uniform standard of what the sim/parcel calls childlike and the size is easy to enforce and blah. I get it. And I don’t expect any of the places I go with it to change it or make an exception for me. But I’m still gonna groan each time I get ported out because of my height. The ruler I use puts me at just under 6 feet tall. SL puts me at about 5’5″, give or take an inch for shoes. I’m 5’5″ – 5’6″ in RL and I like being that size in SL too.

I mean, c’mon. Do I look like I’m 10 or something?

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