I will make you feel amazing tonight…I need you now

Apparently this guy thought The Dark Style Fair was a good place to find a quick fuck.

[03:55] Not here to shop: hey
[03:55] Slut Fallen: hello!
[03:55] NHTS: how are you today?
[03:55] NHTS: so beauty in rl..
[03:55] Slut Fallen: Im doing good, you?
[03:55] NHTS: saw your profile phto
[03:56] Slut Fallen: thanks!
[03:56] NHTS: so beauty
[03:56] NHTS: wahts the time in rl?
[03:57] NHTS: i live in seoul, korea
[03:57] Slut Fallen: its 4am for me
[03:57] NHTS: alone in rl?
[03:57] Slut Fallen: no
[03:57] NHTS: friends?
[03:57] Slut Fallen: no. I live with my boyfriend.
[03:58] NHTS: oh ok
[03:58] NHTS: same room?
[03:58] Slut Fallen: yeah. He’s asleep in the bed. Its right next to the desk where I am.
[03:58] NHTS: oh really
[03:58] Slut Fallen: yup.
[03:59] NHTS: I will make you feel amazing tonight…I need you now
[03:59] Slut Fallen: I’m an escort, so I don’t do that for free. You can have my card with my prices though if you’d like.
[03:59] NHTS: oh sorry
[04:00] Slut Fallen: its ok
[04:01] NHTS: sorry
[04:01] Slut Fallen: its fine
[04:04] Slut Fallen: did you come here to hit on girls? lol
[04:04] NHTS: yes
[04:05] Slut Fallen: most girls that come here are probably just here to shop, not go home with a guy
[04:05] NHTS: oh thanks

He stuck around for maybe another 15/20 mins and mostly hung out at the landing point the entire time.

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