Lemme tell you about the worst club I’ve ever worked at.

Not gonna name any names, but if you know me there’s a decent chance you heard me complain about this place at some point.

I worked there sometime in the end of 2013. It had been open for a little while when I applied, but whenever I had gone to look at it, it had always been empty with one or two girls working. When I finally applied I did it because I had noticed the traffic had been consistently 20k+ in the Search. So I thought maybe they were having events or expanding their clientele. Plus I generally do prefer clubs where I am not required to be on voice whenever I am on stage, since I live with my RL BF and a room mate. Not that either of them mind me voicing. I just don’t like more or less ignoring my BF to voice in SL when he’s home.

Anyways, I applied and got hired. And I quickly figured out there were no events, and almost no clients. What there WAS were 15-25 bots at any given time. I don’t mind when a club has a couple bots, especially if they’re used for group invites or some other purpose, but 15-25 is nothing but a bot traffic farm.

I ignored it while I was there because, eh, the traffic helped random people come in and if I was working, more often than not, I got tipped. They didn’t all STAY, especially when there was a staff of 3-7 girls, depending on who had been randomly fired that day. But I made decent enough $L there. Enough that for the last month I was there I was the highest tipped girl on the board. Then the owner “cleared” the board and within a couple days I was at the top again. More on that later.

The girl I spent most of my time talking to there was randomly fired one day. Because the manager/co-owner thought that she was being disrespectful when really, she had just made a joke that the owners couldn’t understand. And they wouldn’t let anyone try to explain the situation or give their version of it either. Neither of them speak English all that well. It’s certainly not their first language and they have trouble with complex sentences or ideas. Not that I have anything against people who speak English as a second language, but it CAN be hard to communicate with them sometimes. So, that girl was fired on the spot.

Within a week or so I was ejected from the group. When I asked why I was told that because I was a “two-faced liar” that owned a “club”.

The “club” in question? A skybox that was, yes, in my picks. And yes, there was an online notification board in it, as well as a tip jar in case anyone TP’d in and wanted to check if I was online or leave a tip/tribute. There was no dance poles, or dance furniture. There was a couple couches and a greedy table. So, that was my “club”. Oh, and it also had a traffic of 15.

So when I told the owner that was a ridiculous reason to fire her highest tipped girl she said I was no longer the highest tipped because she had reset the board again. Like suddenly resetting the board meant that all the money that I had earned, along with the cut they took, just didn’t exist anymore. I laughed, told her to enjoy her 20 bot traffic and was immediately banned.

Fast forward a bit. Not a few weeks later and the club was no long showing in the top search results when I looked up “escorts”. So I searched for it specifically and it had moved land and dropped down to about 3k traffic. It stayed that way for a long time. Later as I was looking through the newly opened clubs, like I do sometimes when I’m bored, I found one I’d never heard of. Tried to TP over and…. I was banned. Looked into it a bit and it was the same club, but with a new name. It stayed that way for a while, and just within the last week or so it has gone BACK to the original name.

Well. I’m a nosy fucker. >.> So tonight I decide to get on an alt and see what it looks like now. Following are two pics I took. One shows the TWO rented adboards they have, [ names and faces of the girls blocked for their privacy ]. There were some bot names I recognized from my time there, as well as a few ones. Picture of my radar included, with names blocked out there as well. I tried to go up to the bots to get pics of them, but there’s a security orb in their bot box with them, so I wasn’t able to.

But, yeah, with all of 2 dancers/escorts, they clearly need those 13 bots to get the 20k+ traffic they currently have again.

2 thoughts on “Lemme tell you about the worst club I’ve ever worked at.

  1. Ok, so I kinda stumbled onto your blog through some odd chain of Google searches and random clicks. You know how it goes. Next thing you know, you've ended up somewhere you didn't really go looking for, but… hey, it's interesting. I like your writing style. It's engaging, without being whiny or attention whore-y. Yeah, I groaned at that one too. Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I read some of the articles and really like them. Keep it up please. I think I like living vicariously through the exploits of an SL escort.


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