N•6 // Junko!

I just want to tell you how absolutely in love with this hair I am. No joke. I saw it posted on Flickr and that it came out on Friday. Well, if you hadn’t noticed by the times I usually post, I’m a bit of a night owl. So starting at about, oh, 2am I realized, “HEY. It is TECHNICALLY Friday!!” So, yeah. I sorta stalked Spellbound for this hair. Every once in a while when I wasn’t doing other things I’d TP over JUST to see if this hair was released. That is how much I love this hair.

Isn’t it fucking AMAZING? She’s also made some absolutely ADORABLE bear clips for this style that you can buy separately. I just don’t have them on in this pic. This hair though is not coming off my head for a good long while, I can tell you that much right now! 
B O D Y ↓
• Shape // My Own
• Skin // The Sugar Garden – Hope – Tone X
• Hair // + Spellbound + – Junko * NEW *
• Eyes // Mayfly – Luminous 
• Teeth // DeeTalez 
• Ears // Mandala
• Hands // Slink
A C C E S S O R I E S ↓
• Necklace // Cute Poison – Tagged Necklace
• Bangles R // Mandala
• Bangles L // Bishes
C LO T H E S ↓
• Lingerie Set // Hard Candy – Birthday Set 

P O S E ↓
Ploom // PYT


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